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Enter into Sacred Space and Create "Magic" in your life

Medicine Wheel Healing Sessions

In these in-Power sessions, you gain a deeper understanding of how to work with the directions of your life for peace, love, and happiness.

Ceremony, Magic, & Prayers

Grand Mother’s Altar is now open. Every New Moon and Full moon, the altar will be igniting the flames of prayer and sacred ceremony to manifest abundance, love, health, direction, clarity, and Divine peace.


These are Guided Meditations made for you by Song Bird Grand Mother. Clear your mind, connect with your heart, and receive the messages from your heart and spirit.


A Sacred Space, Reading, and/or banishing clears out old or lingering im-balanced energies. Balance your home for harmony and peace.

"The Oracle Is In"

"We are living in and within the most challenging, and extraordinary times; together, we will rise."
Who is Song Bird Grand Mother?

Often referred to as "The Oracle," Song Bird Grand Mother dedicates her life to rising the "Divine Feminine," and awakening the "creatrix" within. Born with intuitive gifts of seeing and connecting with Spirit, counseling, and teaching, she is a loving and strong guide who teaches how to live from the heart, embody personal power, and inspire global change.

  • Spiritual Teacher

    Awakener, Messenger, Guide

  • Artist

    Jeweler, Painter, Singer, Visionary, Musician

  • Writer

    Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spiritual

  • Alchemist

    Ceremony, Blessing Magic, and Space Blessings

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The Oracle Is IN

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Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern-Day Medicine Woman who bridges the wisdom of the East and West for Mind, Body, and Spirit healing.

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Song Bird Grand Mother