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12:12 December 2016 Message from Spirit

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to 12:12 our last  doorways of ascension for 2016.

It is a great time to deepen your awakening; clean out the old, and build new realities, dreams, and visions.

As we approach the last weeks of December the asking is to look within and birth the new coming in.

What projects, ideas, visions, and dreams do you wish to fulfill next year?

What is your grandest wish for Earth and her children?

What creation are you ready to move forward?

The invitation is to dream big, move through fear, embrace obstacles, and take on the challenges that come up on the path to greatness.

To be fearless– is to feel fear and still proceed.

To be courageous– is to stand up for others who cannot defend themselves.

To be willing– is to follow the call of your heart no matter the outcomes.

It is now time to,

Be a limitless mover,

Shake off the old,

Remind yourself of your purpose,

Step and align into the center of the heart.

Clear your path.

Know your purpose,

Keep your sacred jewels close to your heart.

Create the new.

Join in partnership.

Call in the ones who are waiting…

As the veils part, and the realities clash, stay calm and centered.

You will notice many come to you asking how to do what you do.

Allow the new ones coming.

More are looking for you.

Trust that all is working,


And You are Provided for as you move forward.

You know your purpose,

Go live it.

Be optimistic,

Be Authentic,

And soon you shall see all the workings of the past 9 years coming into fruition.

It’s time to rise up like never before.

Within each being listening and reading this, you are the way forward.

Be inspired, get motivated, and follow your inner guidance.

Stay willing and committed for Now it Is Your Time to Come forward and shine.

We need your light for our web of light, and it’s time for us all to unite.

Way showers, light workers, bringers of consciousness, now is your time to ignite, shine, and go bigger and brighter.

Take time to work on the new creations coming into being and find balance between being and doing. When inspired act immediately. When tired, rest, but get back up. When a challenge comes up, breathe, connect to your heart, and move forward fearlessly. We are forming the bridges now, as more and more of us unite in the light.

Cheers to the end of our year, and the coming of another one.

Love and Blessings from the City of Light,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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