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2017 The Year of Rapid Manifestation

This year you may have noticed that what you think is manifesting much faster. You will be thinking of something and poof there it is…for better and worst… The message for today is to be MINDFUL, PRAYERFUL, and GRACEFUL.

Below you will find some “tips” on how to manifest more of the “better,” and remove the “worst” from your life.

To be MINDFUL is to observe your thoughts. What are you thinking about most of the time?

Are you thinking of happiness, joy, and abundance?

Are you thinking of gloom and doom?

There are two roads that we walk upon in this lifetime.

Love or Fear.

These two paths are now diverging into two separate dimensions.

What does that mean?

It means that if you are on the path of love, those on the path of FEAR–WILL NOT HEAR YOU, OR SEE YOU.

Ever notice someone say,

“What? What did you say?” and/or “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

Maybe you are having communication issues, and you’re not understanding each other at all.

These are “codes” that say,  “I’m sorry– I’m not on the same road.”

You are literally on different frequencies.  As the energies quickens, this becomes more and more apparent.

Perhaps you are getting into arguments, or conflicts with others, who have strikingly different ideas and/or beliefs than you?

Instead of arguing, wasting time and energy; just remember they are on a different road.

Those who are on your road have a familiarity about them. When you are in their presence there is a feeling of connection and resonance. You will feel it. You know it. Trust that feeling and knowing.

The time has come to remove the barriers that divide us.

If others are on a “different road,” allow them the beauty of being on their road.

Life is both an individual and collective journey. It is walked together at times, but it is mostly an inward process of becoming who you are. It is a precious flower for each being, and to truly have peace means to let others walk their road; as you walk your own.

It begins with an open mind, and willing heart. 

As the energies of 2017-2020 rev up, we are asked to keep our MIND in check. Watch, observe, and heal the thoughts of the mind. Go into the silence.

MINDFULNESS is one of the most important practices to do at this time.

As thoughts manifest quicker, what you think becomes your reality faster than before. Think thoughts of purity, goodness, kindness, and peace. Stay in the practice of observing your thoughts, and focus everyday on silencing the mind. The quieter one becomes, the more messages can come through. Now is the time for the teachings of the East, to remind us of the importance of silence, contemplation, and peace.

Start your day in Prayer.

Prayerfulness means to start your day in gratitude, intention, and well-being. How we begin and end our days are very important. These times of the day set our day, give us reflection, and allow us to remember who we are and why we are here.

When we focus on beauty, gratitude, and good health, those qualities become anchored into our being.

If you can start and end your day with two words start with, “thank you.”

“Thank you,” will change your day.

What is your intention/prayer for your day?

What quality would you like to embody more of? Peace? Beauty? Courage?

Envision a day of well-being. A healthy mind, body, and spirit. Ask your higher guidance, what foods would best serve you in the quality you are working through, and what exercises would best nourish your body.

Sit in meditation, and work with quieting the mind and heart.

Starting and ending your day with gratitude, intention, and well-being is key as we move forward.

And, the last tip for manifestation in 2017 is Grace.

Gracefulness is the ability to surrender into beauty.

Surrender into the beauty of life. Like a swan who gracefully sits upon the pond, attracting all it needs, fully in-powered, and at ease.

Grace is classic in all ways, and the hallmark of what road  you are choosing. You can be falling apart, but when you embody grace no one notices. There is a humbleness, and willingness to live that radiates when someone lives in grace. It is beyond a word, feeling, or energy.

Grace is a transcendent quality that transcends time and space. It is the essence of the Guru, Master, and Enlightened one. Where there is Grace, there is God/ess.

In these times of “awakening” and “evolution,” what is known–is–unknown, and what is– unknown–is– known.

The key to understanding this concept is to stay in your blessings.

Stay in your truth, power, and be courageous.

Kindness and love are the cornerstones of our evolution.

The road of fear is everywhere, and you don’t have to travel there.

Be mindful, stay in prayer, and remember grace transcends it all.

In love and grace,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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  1. Debi Halbur Debi Halbur

    It surely seems that manifestation is coming quickly.

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