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A New Beginning…

Whose ready for a new beginning?

6 days until our Equinox and change of season.

We just closed a powerful full moon cycle, and are now entering into the void of creation. It’s a good time to sit and reflect on what you choose going forward. Sit in the silence, take time away from “life” and enter the mystic.

The sacred space within that knows ALL–and–IS ALL
What quality are you ready to embody?


These are just a few qualities to get you thinking. So often we speak of intentions and prayers like requests for material goods or situations. However, this week, think about a quality that would help you through your journey.
What quality would bring you into a deeper space of love and trust?
Take time to sit with this quality and apply it to your life situations.

How would courage respond?
How would power respond?
How would joy respond?

Love and Blessings from the Red Rocks of the city of light,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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