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When you hear or say the word, “Authenticity,” what is the vibration you feel?

Do you feel the feeling of relief, lightness, and strength when you hear this word?

Authenticity is honesty, integrity, wisdom, and peace. It honors all creation, and is genuine in all that it says, does, and is. To be authentic, is to live in our heart.

When we live from our heart, all life matters.

Everything we do comes from a place of wisdom, love, and truth. It is the calling within that says to the world this is ME, take it or leave it.

Authenticity is a vibration, it cannot exist with dis-honesty, pushes away lies, and enlightens hearts wherever it goes.

When you vibrate with your authenticity, you shine with the light of 10,000 stars, you illuminate the truth of love where you go, and you stand strong in courage.

Authenticity will never lead you astray, it will never attract what’s not for you, and it will always provide your every need.

To be authentic is to be true to who you are, to be vulnerable, to be strong, and to move in a way that is loving and kind to all relations.

As we embrace, and re-claim the feminine within, now is the time to remove the barriers or layers that chain you and repress you.

Move into the space of love that is within your heart, and watch as all of creation changes to vibrate with your new key.

Sending lots of love and blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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