Awaken to Your Legacy

Own Your Power, Heal Your Past,


Create Your Legacy

Are you Ready to Create your legacy of light?


To own the full breath of who you are, your dreams, visions, and power.


Are you a Woman of Vision, Faith, and Courage working on building greatness in your life?


Perhaps you are ready to take your life into the next level of JOY, ABUNDANCE, AND LOVE?


If you are feeling the call to open to your greatness,
and live a life of authentic heart wisdom,
then this is a call to action for you!
The following new services are designed for the Divine Feminine
to walk in beauty like never before.

For 2017 and beyond, I am dedicating my work to rising the Divine Feminine. All my private sessions, group ceremonies, retreats, and other events will be created with the single focus of co-creating with the DIVINE FEMININE to create a global network of the most inspiring, ground breaking, heart felt women on our planet.

Our Mission Together is to create a network of:
Women supporting Women for the single focus of Awakening our world to love.
To come together and uplift the sisterhood, and join with others to create a web of light.
If you feel the call, I look forward to meeting you and co-creating beauty.
Below are brief descriptions of the private sessions I am now offering.
 Awakening Sessions:
All sessions are conducted via Skype, Face Time, Telephone,
or in-person in Sedona, AZ.
If you are ready for your Awakening:
E-Mail: to schedule an appointment
All Appointments are arranged in AZ Mountain Standard time.
Please check the time zone when booking.


60 Minute Awakening Session: ($222)

90 Minute Awakening Session: ($333)

These are focused in depth sessions that provide you with perspective, truth, healing, and guidance to move your vision from a dream to a reality.

Some healing tools that maybe used in your session include: Breath work, Guided Meditation, Energy work, Spiritual Counseling, Messages from Spirit, Ancient Teachings, Inspiration, and sound healing.

In preparation for our time together reflect on and write down answers to:

What is your intention for our meeting?

What answers are you seeking the most?

What is your grandest vision and dream for yourself and our Earth?

What is your challenge(S) moving forward?

Walk in your power, own all the directions of your life, and map out your 10 year warrior woman legacy with this Medicine Wheel Package!create-your-personal-medicine-wheel

This is a series of Four 90 minute sessions exploring your personal "Medicine Wheel." This session package is designed to balance, harmonize, and ignite your spark for life. Beginning with the direction of East the doorway of New Beginnings, we will take a journey for four weeks, each week diving deep into your life purpose, challenges, and blessings to bring focus to your life's work and loves.

Relationships, money, work, career, health, and more are understood and examined in this exploration of opening to your legacy.

This is a session package designed for women ready to open a "portal of light" into their life, home, work, and relationships. Though the journey of the Medicine Wheel you will come to know who you are, why you came here, and how to walk in beauty through all life's lessons and blessings.

For this work we go deep into creating your 10 year legacy of light. 
Each week you will be given a hand-out, video, and  teaching from a different aspect of the Divine Feminine.  There are creative projects to open your creative flow and challenges to help you launch your legacy into the world.
Our individual session is part ceremony, counseling, and classroom where we identify your vision, bring out your warrior side, and heal unresolved areas blocking your authentic flow.
Going through the Medicine Wheel helps you put your vision together to develop a 10 year clear plan of action to move your vision to reality. 
All of the teachings are designed to help you dig deep into your soul to remember what your legacy of light is and move into into action.
As you move through each direction, the vision becomes clearer and clearer, and by the end you will no longer fear the storms of life, but instead you will understand, "I AM THE STORM."
The four directions that we cover are: 
East-Vision-Teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Woman- Create your 10 year legacy VISION
South-Abundance-Teachings of Lakshmi-Create your 10 year financial vision and clear out the old challenges, while bringing in the blessings of the new
West-Balance-Teachings of Ma'at- Maintaining Balance and Flow for Mind, Body, and Spirit-Putting the dream into reality
North-Ancient Wisdom-Teachings of Grand Mother's Place, Kali Ma, and the Black Moon-Endings, Beginnings, and The Great Mystery-Trusting the way forward and working with the ancient teacher within

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient "portal" a place of intense healing, understanding, and wisdom. When you understand your "personal medicine" you begin to flow with the directions of your life, open to deeper awarenesses, and make decisions in-tune with your natural rhythm and flow.

As a bonus: At the end of our time together, you will receive a "medicine bundle" a gift from Spirit that contains personalized tools that ignite your next steps. Items in a Medicine bundle may include: Crystals, Jewelry, Spiritual tools, herbs, inspiring pictures, and other items from nature collected specifically for you.

Package Self-Investment: $1,111

Can be paid in full or three installments of $444

If you feel the calling to commit to this adventure, email to begin this sacred journey.

Group Healing


Medicine Wheel ceremony and gathering at your place!

Do you wish to gather your community and build a "portal of light" at your home?

Are you willing to host, and have space for a medicine wheel on your property?

Do you wish to create big energy, big love, big abundance, big health in your life and the lives of your community?

Are you connected to Spirit? Ancestors? And the ways of Nature?

The Medicine Wheel wants to be all over the world. With the power of the Medicine Wheel energetically we can balance, restore, and bring health back to the ley lines of planet Earth.

What are ley lines?

They are energetic points on Earth that feed her life, give her energy, and connect us in balance. Right now the ley lines of our Earth are sick, in need of balance, restoration, and love. By creating a community Medicine Wheel we connect the energy grid points, ley lines, and doorways of Spirit to restore the blood of our precious Mother Earth.

Through the Medicine Wheel we create a conscious portal or doorway of new creation, new love, and new abundance for all. It is a sacred and mysterious tool of light.

When activated, used, and built with love, the Medicine Wheel becomes one of the most powerful tools on Earth for balancing, restoring, and bridging a New Earth.

E-Mail to gather your Medicine Wheel Community

Terms and Agreements:

 All sessions must be booked and paid for in advanced unless otherwise agreed upon.

You can pay via check, pay-pal, square, and cash depending on your situation.

Please E-mail: to arrange appointment time(s) and payment. 

No Refunds on services are given, unless otherwise agreed upon within 30 days. All appointments are asked to be honored and re-schedules can be requested up to 48 hours in advanced.

Please honor this sacred time and plan accordingly.

If you are not completely ready to sit in the sacred way, wait until you are fully ready so that the work remains pure to you and your heart.


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