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Chinese New Year Fire Ceremony

Saturday 01-25-20

2 PM-5 PM

Welcome to the new fire of 2020 and the year of the Metal Rat. For this fire ceremony we will honor the ancestors, discuss the wisdom teachings of the Metal Rat, and ignite ancestral power for a new twelve year cycle. The Metal Rat year is the “alchemist” year, the themes include transformation, important decision points, and releasing grief. This is the beginning of a new twelve year cycle, and the launch for a big decade filled with global shifts.

This year marks the year of destiny, using intelligence of both mind and heart, and placing yourself in alignment with your dreams.
If you are ready to call in your ancient power, release, receive, and connect deeper with your ancestral lineage, come and ignite the flames deep within.

This ceremony will be outside, unless the weather prohibits then we will be inside.

Things to bring for the altar:
*Pictures and/or relics from your ancestors. (Anyone close to you that has died) Can include pets, grandparents, parents, friends, and distant relatives.
*Flowers, crystals, and anything you would like charged in the energy.
*Food and/or drink that your ancestors enjoyed.
*Any other items of significance that you feel will add to the energy.
Things to bring for you:
*Blanket and/or layers of clothes.
*Pillow or something to sit on if needed. Chairs are provided, but most of the ceremony is sitting so be prepared.
*Water (Tea will be served, but not water)

It is proper protocol to bring an herb as a gift for the ceremony.
Loose leaf tobacco, sage, mugwort, palo santo, lavender, and/or any other herb or essential oil you feel called to bring. Your gift is used in future ceremonies, and keeps you in ceremony after you have left.
If you have any questions:
Call or text Song Bird at: 928-821-6380

Sign Up Online at:

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