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Don’t Become A Brand

Hello Family,

Today’s message is for those who are talented, who want to make money using their gifts, and are in the crossroads of how to do this and stay human.

In the business world, the word “brand” is thrown around at every corner. “You must become a brand.” This is the cornerstone of marketing. Catchy slogans, symbols, and mouth watering images are used to excite the audience to “buy” the gift, service, talent, and/or product that becomes a “brand.” 

In recent years, this phenomenon is everywhere. In the holistic and spiritual professions there are countless coaches who can assist in becoming a highly marketed and sought after commodity or “brand.”

Why is the message to “don’t become a brand?” 

Because it is a slippery slope between sanity and insanity when you take the gift that the Great Spirit God has gifted you, and turn it into a means to an end.

It sucks the literal life out of passion, corrupts the soul, and turns your love into hate.

Just look at any “successful brand,” and you will see and hear stories of great depression, tragedy and pain.

Branding takes who you are, and flips it upside down. It changes how people look at you. You no longer are human, but are rather a commodity. Something that can be bought,  sold, traded, and exterminated if need be.

Branding is what is done to cows so they can be identified, and as we all know, every cow that is branded ends up at the slaughter house. After being raped, tortured, and used, the cow is exterminated to become dinner.

Branding will turn your “milk” and make it famous, but at what cost?

Are you ready to be used, abused, and marketed for the all mighty dollar?

For that is what it will take to become a “brand.”

Not to mention to great work, sacrifice, and time it takes to, “build a brand,” and “keep it going.”

So, what do we do?

If you are someone taking initiative and putting your gifts and talents out into the public realm, the advice is to, “stay true to who you are.”

Know your limits. Be open to change. And, decide to use your gifts and services for the highest good of all.

You are a human, not a “brand.” You are unique, sacred, and worthy of sharing all that you have been given.

You also are here to be in the flow of prosperity, and abundance. Those are your “birth rights.”

And, you can choose to share your gifts with the world with integrity, respect, and dignity.

Your light is brighter than any box a “brand” will put you in, and money will follow anytime you follow your highest path.

It may not lead you to the biggest mansion, or the fanciest car, but it will lead you to personal happiness, and great adventures.

When we as humans stop “chasing” and “desiring” the material over the spiritual, we will know our true worth beyond paper money.

We will understand that our gifts and talents are worth way beyond any material good this world entices us with, and step into the knowing that LOVE is in the sharing of our hearts.

The more individuals who DECIDE and CHOOSE to stay human, the easier the road will be for everyone.

In this moment, you have the choice.

Do I choose to share knowing it may not lead to riches?


Will I choose the fame and money in exchange for my freedom?

It’s not an easy choice. The money, fame, and riches are mighty tempting. And, for the “starving artist” it will look better and better the more starving one becomes.

However, for all those choosing to go the path of the creative, you must first and foremost choose:

What’s your price?

Is fame worth more than my life?

Is money worth my sovereignty?

Stay human.

Love and blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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