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Happy Equinox

Happy Equinox Everyone!

Welcome to the “balancing point,” a place of new beginnings, new wonders, new adventures, and soul growth.

There are untold mysteries, wonders, and joys to be seen just around the bend. By following the daily bread crumbs of life, you are always lead. 

The deeper you trust, the deeper the journey.

The light within you is greater than imagined.

Trust this light.

The way is not by denying the light, or living in the dark. The way is balancing the light and dark. Respecting both parts within yourself, and outside of yourself.

This is a transformational doorway into a fresh beginning that is filled with whatever you think about, feel, and dream.

Keep those thoughts pure, and in-line with what you actually desire in your life.

Welcome to the first “turning point” of 2017.

The best is “yet to come.”

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother‚Äč


  1. Rubin Farfan Rubin Farfan

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  2. Albert Battle Albert Battle

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