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In-Person House or Business Clearings

Have you recently moved into a new house or started a new business?


Are you ready to sell your house or business, but all the offers keep failing?


Have you “cleaned,” scrubbed, and yet, something is not “quite right?”


Are you experiencing a sudden misfortune or feel dark energies around you?


Maybe things are falling off the walls randomly, or you see “shadows” in the corner of your eye?


 Strange dreams, restless nights, or anxiety at nighttime?

In business, have you noticed sales decreasing, people coming into your business and immediately leaving?


Perhaps, every time you go into your office you feel depleted, drained, and/or tired?


Do you have a  “funny feeling” that makes you more anxious or fearful?

These are all “symptoms” that the land you are sitting on, is restless and not in harmony.


The above symptoms represent a larger “spiritual dis-ease” occurring in your space. The more spiritual activity the greater the symptoms.


Depending on the history of the land, previous occupants, and “ley lines,” you are located on, you may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms.


The older the land, the more likely you are to have these issues. There are places on Mother Earth where energies are trapped, stuck or wounded.

These are places that are asking for balance, harmony, respect.


We often think of “taking” from the land, but rarely do we “give back.”


These ceremonies are an opportunity to “set the land right,” and give back to Mother Earth for all her abundance and bounty.


In these House and Business ceremonies, we get to the “root” of disturbances, and “clean house.”


These are spiritual cleansings of the outside and inside. 

How do you know these occurrences are from the space and not your imagination?

These “problems” didn’t occur until you moved into this space and/or only occur when you are in this space.


You may notice that when friends and family members come to visit they do not feel good, want to leave immediately, or make remarks about the space.


You notice more agitation or arguments occur when you are in the space.

Feelings of nervousness, anxiety, fear, or restlessness kick up when you are in the space.

Most importantly you will know you are working with a spiritual issue on your land by the feeling in your gut.

The feeling that “something isn’t right.”

You may not “understand,” what is occurring on a conscious level, but you know in your heart, something is “off.”

No matter what you do or try, nothing gets “rid” of these disharmonies.

If this resonates with you, let’s clear your space


Once you book your time, the ceremony begins.



Preparation Work Before my Arrival:

I will begin meditating and working energetically with the spirits and energies of your land.

I will connect with the history, the energies, the entities, and spiritual energies that are out of harmony.

During this time, things will begin to shift and energy will begin to move.

This will help me in diagnosing to up-root the issues at hand before I arrive.


Day of Ceremony:

*We begin with a calling in of the 4 directions, prayers, meditations, and drumming.

*Smudging of inside and outside the house with crystals, candles, sacred herbs, songs, and prayer bundles inside and outside of your home.

*Identify areas where there is a lot of spiritual activity blocking your flow and close those “portals,” and/or open new “portals” of positive energy.

*Remove and extract “negative,” “harmful,” and “disempowering energies,”

*Restore harmony, balance, and flow.

*Cleansing, smudging of all who attend ceremony, and/or other possessions such as cars, and personal objects


After Ceremony:

I ask that you keep in contact, so we can see how the energy has cleared. It is unusual that a second ceremony is needed, but at times there is lingering “spiritual debris.” This energy is much milder and just might be like having a slight thorn in your shoe.

22-33 days after ceremony we will know how the energies have harmonized.

After ceremony you may be guided to move things around, get rid of possessions, and/or free your living space of clutter.

This is a good thing!

What to expect after a clearing ceremony?

*Feelings of harmony in your home.

*Less noise, chaos, and distortion

*Harmonious relationships and feelings of peace

*Confirmation from the land, neighbors, and others who come into your space

*Restoration of business and finances suddenly improving

*Relationship quarrels resolving

*No more “shadows” feelings of anxiety, depression, or uneasiness

*General feelings of more flow and harmony

*More opportunities coming your way

*Business attraction, better clients, and feelings of abundance

*For those “selling” home or “business” you receive sudden offers, new opportunities, and the energy begins to move forward

Time Required:

2-hour Ceremonies are for houses, Apartments, or buildings 1,000 SF or smaller with small outdoor space

4 hour Ceremonies are for houses/buildings 1,000-4,000 SF with moderate outside area

6 hour Ceremonies are for houses/building 4,000-8,,000 SF with sizeable outside area

8+ hour Ceremonies are for houses/buildings 8,ooo-12,0000 SF with substantially large outside areas and/or hidden crevices


***Anything larger may require multiple days, visits, and follow-ups,


Sedona Locals: $144 per hour

Verde Valley Within 60 Miles: $188 per hour

Outside Verde Valley (60 Miles from Sedona):$222 with extra costs for travel and accommodation.

If you are feeling the call to have your space cleared, but are outside the state of Arizona, book a “remote sessions,” where I can guide you on what to do to harmonize your space.

Click here for those sessions.

Ready to book?


In Your Email include:

*3 Dates and times you are available

*Brief description of where you live, and the “symptoms” you are experiencing

*Any concerns or questions you have.

Best times for ceremony are:

*New Moon

*Full Moon







Once we have a date and time:

Confirm your appointment with a  deposit of $144 via PayPal or check that can be mailed via request.

Pay Pal Link:

You can pay the rest of the amount on the day of ceremony via check or cash

Items you will need to prepare:

*1 Can or package of Organic Tobacco

*Any sacred herbs, crystals, feathers, or gifts you would like to gift to your land

Appointment Details:

*To reschedule give 72 hours notice.

*There are no “refunds” or “exchanges” so be prepared and committed to the ceremony

*Every attempt is made to make a peaceful and loving interaction. Let’s keep communication open, and align mind, body, and spirit.

May you find wholeness, love, and renewal as we Walk in Beauty Together.

From my heart to yours, 

I look forward to sitting in the sacred ways.


Song Bird Grand Mother