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Life is Simple

Live in the simplicity.

Breathing is simple.

We can all take time out to enjoy, and appreciate the simplicity of life.

The birds that wake up every morning singing their song.

The opportunity we have every day to reinvent ourselves.


The wind that blows.

The water that sings.

The air in our lungs.

The fire that keeps us warm.


Life is simple.


Life is Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. The four directions merging as one.

We are returning to this essence.

This divine knowing.

The wisdom of the ancestors.

The songs they sang.

We are returning to the remembering that all is simple.

We have to know this and embody this wisdom.


Today keep it simple.

Tomorrow keep life simple.

Remind yourself, “keep it simple.” 


Simplicity is everything.


It’s time to embody the beauty of life.

It’s simple.


Cheers to the simplicity,


Song Bird Grand Mother


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