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Love is Everything-Message for those changing the World Waking Up

Hello Soul Family,

Welcome to the Equinox, the turning point, the place where the dark and light meet to balance, harmonize, and demonstrate where we are, and what is still healing, releasing, and becoming within our lives.

This message is a transmission I received and gave on 4/8/14 in Tokyo, Japan. At this powerful time, I am sending this message out to all those who are called to read this:

To all who read this at this sacred time.  

Remember who you are. You are the essence of love; love is why you are here.

Whenever you feel poor, in lack, searching, lonely in despair, remember you are lacking love. Send yourself love, laugh, enjoy, relax through the challenges, difficulties, pain, struggles, worries, and doubts, remember love.

Love is your answer to every question, make it your every prayer, your every word. Honor silence and send love. The message is simple—but true—love—love—love—Love is truly all you need.

It will heal your brokenness, the wounds you hold—it will eliminate your sorrow.
Feel your pain; don’t numb it.

Really feel it—let it move through your body.
It will pass.

Every obstacle—challenge—crisis—lack—scarcity—you attract is teaching you—let go—surrender.

Stop holding on.

The more you hold, the more you struggle. The pain won’t go away until you release it. You are here to change the world through love. Anything else is just passing through.

Your true legacy is to allow and surrender.

Stop the limiting. Allow the unlimited. The past has gone.
The Future has yet to arrive—your love is why you’re here.
Why we are meeting at this time and in this space.

You are ready to awaken to your heart’s desire.
To trust there is a Creator who loves you.
A Grand Mother who is here loving you, protecting you, and providing your every need.

All life is a mirror, every encounter a miracle, both the said and unsaid.

Song Bird’s fly together. They are united in one soul, one body, one heart, and one flight plan.

Fly together, and be still in the opening of love. Let this be the beginning of the return to love in oneness.

All else is just passing.

Tree’s are master teachers  of acceptance and allowing all  stages to be. They bloom in the Spring time, and shed in the Autumn. The cherry blossom, blooms the most beautiful fragrant buds in the Spring, just as the rain and wind come, she gracefully lets go.

Petal by petal, layer by layer, she lets go. As beautiful as she is, in all her glory, she faithfully and beautifully let’s go.

This Equinox as the buds bloom or fall, let it all go. Let go of your past, the hurts, the old stories. Open your heart to the newness of this New Beginning. The awakening of love. Return to the essence of Song.

Song Birds sing their songs, each unique, each beautiful, their job on Earth is to spread the gift of song. You have a song within you, every thought, action, laughter, cry joy, and sorrow is your song. Express it, allow grace into your being. Let it fill you with love. Let it bless your heart.

As you receive give.
Give love to everyone.
Don’t be afraid to express yourself.
Let yourself be weird and different.

Be known as the one people both admire and despise.
Let that be ok.
Things come back full circle always, and in all ways.

Time is endless, all things, repeat. Whether you are conscious or not, everything is flowing. Don’t be afraid to jump—to leap—to take a different road. It may be radical, it may look and sound strange—it may go against everything—leap—trust yourself, knowing that you will be caught by the love of the Universe.

Be like the ant, patient and still.
Knowing you will be safe.
You are love and loved.
Give and receive love in every situation—remember love.

Give and receive love.

In every situation, remember love. When it’s hard to love; love yourself more. When it’s easy to love; love others more.

As space opens, the energy fills.

Your heart is endless space.
As you open your energy, more space is created.
More will come in.
Open your heart more—if you lack—give.
If you feel lonely—ask for help—ask for companionship.

Trust your life is flowing.
It is, was, and always is in motion. Sometimes it’s still, sometimes it’s slow—other times fast in rapids—it is always moving through the swamps and peaks, through it all your life is speaking.

The question is if you are listening. Always trust your Creator, trust and honor the ancient being you are.
Trust and have faith that your intuition knows the way, and will move you into love, the more you are willing to receive.

This Equinox and closing of this powerful time, is a time to go through your shadow and love yourself completely and fully. To hold your light, like never be before, and to share your heart with courage and open vulnerability.

Thank you for being here at this powerful time in history, and for changing the frequency of this planet by emanating and sharing your profound and deep love.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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