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Love Warriors-Ceremony-TUCSON-2/12/17


Hello Love Warriors!

Women are leading the way to global change, and it’s time to get together, organize, and be the change we wish to see in the world.

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new doorway, world, and love. The time has come for us to sit in sacred ceremony in Tucson, AZ. This is the first of many gatherings to come, and I’m calling in the love leaders to create global change starting in your community.


A Love Warrior is a Sister dedicated to wooing the world with her love through action. She is a leader here to lead the next generation, to spread her wisdom, and to stand up for what is just and right. She is a community builder, a conscious resident, a leader, and a teacher. She is here to shine her light and join with other sisters to change the world.

She could be a healer, a  visionary, a business leader, a mother, an artist, a creator. She could be old, young, in-between. A Love Warrior is a woman on fire with purpose. She comes in many sizes, shapes, colors, and backgrounds, and is ready to be the change and stand in her authentic power for decades to come.

This gathering is ceremony, Sisterhood, Healing,

and the Awakening of AUTHENTIC POWER

What will we be doing?

Creating the New Paradigm of Conscious Community, Healing the broken sisterhood, and  building a new earth by awakening the DIVINE FEMININE IN YOURSELF, FAMILY, & COMMUNITY WITH A LOVE REVOLUTION

This first gathering is a grounding and foundational ceremony where we heal and align to the new energies of the Divine Feminine. We will discuss the natural ways for us as women to work, and how to remove the old broken ways of business, relationships, and community that cause suffering.

Who is this ceremony for?

Sisters who want to make a positive difference in the world, know in their hearts they are here for a big reason, and are ready to join in conscious community.

This is a gathering for sisters who are ready, willing, and able to be the leaders of a revolution leading to evolution. Those who are tired of sitting on the sidelines, ready for unity, and are ready to put a solid foundation down for a global transformation.

This is a call for those who know screaming, arguing, and bickering will not lead to real foundational change, but rather are willing to do the internal work to be powerful leaders of change.

This will be an on-going gathering/movement starting this year and continuing for the years to come. We will be discussing the energies of where we are as a planet, and how to create the new Earth in your local communities. We will also be healing all the ways we as sisters have been broken down, made to suffer, repressed, and how we have hurt each other in the past.

It is time to heal the broken feminine and RISE into the DIVINE FEMININE.

Who is this ceremony not for?

Those who are not ready for change, not willing to do the work, and like things as they are.

If you’re tired of things going the way they are, and know you can make a positive change in your neighborhood, join us for this exciting time, and sisterhood that you’ve been waiting for.

When will this be?

The first gathering will be in Tucson, AZ Sunday: 2/12/17-from 1-4 pm at a private residence. If you are coming please RSVP we have room for 12.

E-Mail: for address and confirm your spot


$44 dollars please bring cash and pay at the event

 What to bring:

Water/snacks/whatever you need for you to be comfortable for 4 hours


Intention: What would you like to create in your life going forward? Be specific and authentic in what you want.

I look forward to seeing and meeting all the LOVE WARRIORS!

It’s time sisters for us to unite, collaborate, heal, and change the world!

Together we RISE!


Song Bird Grand Mother

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