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What is The GateWay to Trust-Meditation


One of the biggest lessons on my journey of living from my heart has been to Trust.


I used to think the world was out to get me, like I had to be perfect, and that I attracted things to me because somehow I did something wrong. Whether it was from this life or another, I was doomed. I also had this belief that people weren’t to be trusted, and I was filled with doubt and confusion.

Sound familiar to anyone?

What helped me?



When I found meditation in my early twenties, that ended up being my “saving grace” for through meditation I started to see and feel a deeper world within myself. Meditation cultivated a sense of peace I had never felt, it gave me access to psychic and subconscious worlds, and allowed me to fully feel who and what I was from a soul perspective. Ultimately, meditation gave me a tool I could access at any time. It was perfect for my college budget at the time, because I didn’t need money to do it, and it could be done anywhere and with anyone willing to go deep inside.

When I first started meditating, I would be taken into colorful worlds of beauty. My visions were imaginative, and I began to understand the different layers of energy. I learned about chakra’s from my chakra’s and started to feel a sense of purpose and meaning. It led me to want to know and read everything about spirituality and metaphysics. I was hungry to know everything I could about this unseen world I discovered. That was joyful and wonderful.


On the other hand, as I began to see my inner world develop, my outer world was another story. Let’s just say, friends started disappearing, activities I used to like no longer appealed, and I found myself becoming more distant from what I now call my “former life.” As the old started to leave, the new came flooding in. I met new people who opened my eyes more and more, I attracted new jobs, and began exploring a life unknown to me before.


Meditation opened the door to a whole new world, and I went on to eventually teach and guide others. Out of all the tools I’ve heard of, tried, and tested, meditation is the only one that remains. Now I don’t have “formal meditation time,” like I used to when I had an “ordinary” life. I learned the goal of meditation wasn’t to “get” somewhere like enlightenment, but instead it is a gateway to becoming meditation in every breath. As I continued down the rabbit hole of meditation, my meditations became deeper, stiller, and less vivid. I would see more patterns or experience long periods of nothingness. Afterwards, I would feel refreshed, replenished, sometimes even disturbed. It didn’t really matter the experience, it was more the way I felt everytime I took time to go within. If I had a question, it could be answered. It seemed like such an amazing gift the deeper I went.


What meditation has taught me is to live authentic in every moment.

*When I have doubt, I can go deeper.

*When I have fear, I can go deeper.

*When I have peace, I can go deeper.



For when you dive deep into who you are, you find that everything is acceptable.

When you are angry you begin to love the one who is angry.

When you are sad, you love the one who is sad.

Meditation is becoming the observer of all your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is the training to become the master who goes within, and moves from that space in all interactions.


When I used to get up and go to school/work, and engaged in a world of hustle, bustle, and constant bombardment of noise, meditation was my lifeline. Without it I couldn’t have broken free from the bonds of living an inauthentic life. Now that I live in Sedona, with the birds, trees, red rocks, and javelina, meditation is everywhere and in everything. Why? Because I choose to live a life of meditation. A life where I honor my intuition and choose to live a life of peace. Peace is a choice. It takes work, but it is a choice. I always say, “I admire, and pray the most for those living in big cities. For it takes far more work to choose peace in the city than in the country. In the city, you are filled with everyone’s noise, and it’s harder to know what is yours, and what isn’t. In nature, it’s all your noise.”  So, if you are in the city, meditation is possible, and in fact may become your “saving grace,” however, just know that you will have to make space and room for it. Form a relationship with it, and practice as often as you can.


There are many forms of meditation. It doesn’t always look like, “sitting in lotus position, saying OM.” It can be skiing, golfing, hiking, creating art, it can be having a cup of tea focused on the beauty, it can be anything that aligns you mind, body, and spirit. It doesn’t look the same for everyone, but a good place to start is by focusing on your breath.


Focusing on your breath, begins to slow your mind. Many times when you begin meditation, you will hear the “monkey mind.” You will focus on what you are going to do next, what you will eat, who or what your missing, all kinds of things. This is good. This means that you are clearing all the “junk” that isn’t you.

All those thoughts are distractions to what your really feeling.

All those thoughts are covering your peace.


Allow them to come and go, see them come and go. Just practice focusing on your breath. Many people get discouraged by the “monkey mind” I say embrace him or her. That “monkey mind” is leading the way to peace. It’s like cleaning an old dusty house. At first the dust will kick up, but with consistent practice it gets clearer and clearer. Your mind is a beautiful and wonderful part of who you are. When it’s cleared of the debris of the old, it becomes something that serves you versus harms you.


It’s common when embarking on a spiritual journey to hear that the ego is to be destroyed or eliminated. Like it’s an enemy that you have to irradiate. I have found the exact opposite to be true. That when I allow my ego to be, and listen closely and carefully, the negative melts, and the truth emerges. The ego is a servant to the intuition. The ego is meant to be incorporated, listened to, and ultimately merged with our intuition. The intuition and mind become a team in making decisions, and lead you to a better life. You begin attracting better people, jobs, situations, relationships, and become a pillar of light for others. Your energy and moods become calmer and more self-love emerges.


It does take effort. Anything worth doing, always take time and effort.  It take dedication to giving to yourself first, and filling your own cup. Then that cup becomes a fountain, and the fountain feeds all those around it. You begin to see trust in all that you do and vibrate higher, because you have cultivated this beauty within.


Meditation when consistently practiced can lead to many doorways and opportunities as yet to come.

For all those reading this, whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating awhile, meditate on.

Keep on the journey, find what works for you, and let this message be a stepping stone to all the great things to come.


To get things started, I am posting a simple guide on “How To Meditate” below.

To Trust YourSelf is to trust everything, everyone, and ultimately God. It begins with a solid foundation of knowing that you have all you need, as you need, and when you need.


Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother



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