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This is Our Time-Message of Thanksgiving 2016

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This is our Time.

A time of reconciliation, gathering, clearing out the old, and walking bravely into the new coming into fruition. The gentle calling of the winds of change, are beckoning those ready to step into the light of who they are.

Despite the “perceptions” and “misperceptions” around us, this is a birthing of a new wave of consciousness. A wave that puts power back into the hands of the willful, the brave, and those willing to stand up for the truth.

For far too many years deceptions has ruled.

In this new era, truth will prevail, as we step out of the systems of “control” and back into the heart centered way of the ancestors.

We can choose to usher in truth, wisdom, and beauty with every choice we make.

With every penny we put forward into the economy we “vote” for the consciousness we support.

For every word we post on the internet, we “vote” for the consciousness we wish to demonstrate to our Universe.

With every action that we take to help others in need of human angels, we bring harmony into the world.

Choices are our weapons of change going forward. Choosing to turn off your TV and go outside is a choice to unplug from deception. Choosing to grow your own vegetables, and gather with your neighbors, is a choice for self-sustainability and growth. Going forward WE must unite to be the change. This is our time to say “no more” to the “old ways” of fear, tyranny, and living lives that are draining and exhausting.

This is our time to say “yes” to the new technologies that provide abundance for all, and work in harmony with our precious Mother Earth.

This is not a political movement, not a cause, charity, or any old system that has caused separation and fear, but rather this is a soverignty movement. A return to the ancient and natural ways of how we’ve always existed. A time when we understood the laws of the Universe, and how to work with one another to create loving community. Before control systems, rules, regulations, and draining life styles that keep humanity living in a box.

In a time when division and hate seems to be getting hotter and hotter,  let us not fall for the belief that this is how the world is.

This Universe is infinite, and so are we. 

The greater and grander picture is that there is a world on fire with purpose, passion, and love. There are millions upon millions ready, willing, and able to step into their missions of awakening and helping each person fulfill their part of the puzzle.

We all have the puzzle pieces to each other’s hopes and dreams. Now is the time to join hands and work together to bring our world from chaos to order. From disarray to harmony.

This is our time to look forward into our own “perceptions” and ask,

What do I choose going forward?

What gifts, services, and talents am I here to serve with?

Who and where can I find the most support.

As you sit in reflection with these questions, then follow through with action. Wherever your heart leads you is where the answers are. Whatever form of truth you uncover is your part of the puzzle.

Trust that and know that all is in Divine alignment.

We are now entering a time when all begins to congeal and come together. Synchronicity is the guiding light. De Ja Vu confirms the path, and night dreams are showing the way forward. The asking is to LISTEN CLOSELY TO THE MESSAGES COMING TO YOU.

Receive, listen, follow, and continue on. You are on a treasure hunt.

2017 is set to be a wonderful building year for all those leading our movement. This is the beginning of the New Systems, New Projects, and New Communities coming together stronger, better, and more powerful than ever before.

If you are reading this you are a major part of this awakening and healing of our beloved Mother Earth, and you are here anchoring the Divine Feminine back onto this Earth. You are a way shower and peace keeper.

Keep strong, remember that love is your greatest gift, and prepare yourself to shine and lead more and more people, as we now walk together in faith and harmony.

Sending much love from the City of Light,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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