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      To heal is to see wholeness.

Wholeness can only be cultivated from within.

It starts by healing all the broken parts, the broken ways we see life, others, and Mother Earth.


   I always had the gift of “sight,” also known as “seeing.” I come from a long line of “intuitive” medicine people and since I can remember, people have come to me for advice. From schoolmates to teachers, to people off the street. I have always been the “go to” for advice, guidance, and counseling. I have also had a great passion for music, art, and writing. 


I was born with the American name of Stephanie Garcia, I was educated in the Western European system. I grew up in multi-cultures, so I have always felt as if I was walking “between worlds.”


     I have studied ancient culture, religion, and spirituality as an academic, a seeker, a teacher, and mystic. I have achieved college degrees, sat with powerful spirit medicine, and worked with some of the most profound teachers of Medicine ways. I have taken great leaps of faith, been stripped of everything that didn’t “matter,” to be gifted “everything that does.”


I have come to the foundation:

 We are all one soul.

Whatever you see in me is what you see in yourself and vice versa.

We can choose to stay where we are, or move forward with the winds of change.

Decisions are sometimes made, and others times forced.

The choice is always love or fear.

For life is all.

Love is real.

Fear is real.


We have the choice to choose the high road, no matter the “cost.”


   It is the honoring of ALL where wholeness exists. My life is a continual journey of transformation, I have given everything to walk this path, and would gladly give more. I am here for you, for us, and above all our precious Grand Mother Earth– to help remove the barriers that stop us from peace and love.


   True healing can occur when we hold each other in the highest of love, and see the world as a whole, no longer broken. It begins with just one step. For in that one step, you will find that there is another and another.  This journey is not about being “positive,” “negative,” or even “neutral.”


          It is in the balance, acknowledgment, and honoring of all aspects of life, both dark and light, where wholeness comes together.


   Life is a continual process of learning, healing, teaching, giving, and receiving. It’s the circle of life that we live here on this Great Mother we call Planet Earth.


   All of the answers are within. I can go on and on about who I am, and what I do, but all I would like you to know is that underneath all the stories, judgments, criticisms, and hatred in this world, I hold you with unconditional love.


   As a messenger for Grand Mother (Mother Earth), who I lovingly connect to, channel, and transmit energy for, I am here to share her wisdom, healing, and teachings for you, for me, and for us. Whether we meet for a ceremony, class, session, online, in-person, in-passing, or otherwise, I pray that we sing as the Song Birds sing to the Grand Mother singing because they have a song deep inside. 


I honor you.

I honor us.

I honor Grand Mother Earth

For we are one.

May We walk in beauty.





Song Bird Grand Mother


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