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Healer, Messenger, Teacher, Artist, Writer 



This is my mission:

“I am a vessel for Grand Mother. The great healer, teacher, and provider we call Mother Earth.

I came to serve her at this time, through healing, teaching, and sharing music and art.

It has taken many footsteps to land where I currently stand,


I am honored, humbled, and grateful to be here with you my brothers and sisters at this time of great awakening and healing.” 


My grandest wish is for us as a human race to stop killing, polluting, and violating our Earth Mother and each other. To find solutions to our problems, and to end the suffering of people, animals, and our Earth.

I like many at this time AM here for the AWAKENING and ASCENSION of our planet.

My mission is to connect humanity back to their inner wisdom to live from the heart.


It is time to gather the women, the Grand Mothers, the Wise Women, Creators, Artists, Visionaries, and Powerful ladies of legacy to create a new world of the Divine Feminine leading the way. If you are a mover, shaker, be-er, lover, and have a calling you are sharing with the world, let's connect and co-create greatness.



Song Bird Grand Mother