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New Moon Fire Ceremony-March 6, 2019- Sedona, AZ

 Welcome to the New Moon!

This will be our last fire indoors before we move the energy outside for Equinox and beyond. Come and join us for a sacred gathering where we will go deeper into the ancient teachings of The First Nations and ancestors who walked these sacred lands before us.

Understand the significance and truth of these sacred lands, and journey into your soul to receive guidance, wisdom, and truth from within. 
We will spend this sacred time together focusing on our visions, prayers, and guidance for the way forward.

If you are ready for transformation, healing, and to go deeper into the authentic ways of the fire this is a ceremony to help you “light your dreams on fire.”

For this fire, we will enhance the power of the fire with a drumming and sound journey using sacred songs and sounds to open your visions.
Tea and water will be available
No food so please come nourished.

This is an indoor fire. 
There is a cat at this residence for those who are allergic. 

If you have any questions, please email:
call/text 928-821-6380

Address is given when your ticket is confirmed. It will arrive by email, so please look for it.

Things to bring for you:
Open heart, Open Mind
Wear Comfortable clothing
Pillow/blanket (There will be room to sit on a chair/or floor) Pillows and blankets are available
Anything you would like “charged” on our altar (Jewelry, stones, pictures etc…)
Flowers for the prayer altar

It is proper protocol to bring a gift to the host please bring one of the following:
Cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, lavender, palo santo, Juniper, Corn meal or pollen, Mugwort, or another sacred herb 


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