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Own Your Full Power-Full Moon Power Ceremony-July 19-6-9 pm

Welcome to our First Full Moon after Solstice. It is time to go deeper into the soul journey. For this ceremony, we will go deeper into the waters of past lives, healing, and power. 

Past lives hold clues to our current blockages, life themes, and fears. When understood and healed, they provide freedom from fear and a clearer understanding of your current life journey. 

Examples of past life fears can include:

*Fear of lack, scarcity, and living in survival.

*Fear of water, fire, heights, and success

*Fear of dying in unnatural and traumatic ways.

*Fear of abandonment, rejection, and/or isolation

*Fear of reptiles, spiders, bugs, and nature

*Fear of silence and/or being alone

*Ongoing health problems that are unexplainable and chronic. 

*Strange recurring dreams and nightmares. 

It is time to own your power, your voice, and your gifts fully and completely. Heal your past to live a more vibrant future. 

If you are ready, willing, and able to fully own your voice, your gifts, your passions, and heal your fears, come join us in a safe and sacred space where you will be able to dive into the mysteries of your deeper soul. 

Things to bring for you:

Open heart, Open Mind


Wear Comfortable clothing



Anything you would like “charged” on our altar (Jewelry, stones, pictures etc…)

It is the proper protocol to bring a gift to the host please bring one of the following:

Cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, lavender, palo santo, Juniper, Cornmeal or pollen, Mugwort, or another sacred herb 
(All herbs are used in future ceremonies and will continue to bless your path)

***No food so please come nourished.****

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before so we can begin on time.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or text: 928-821-6380 or

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