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Returning to the Sacred

returning-to-the-sacredHello Brother’s and Sisters,

Welcome to the threshold of New Beginnings! Can you feel it? Yesterday as I was gazing at the sunset over the majestic red rocks here in Sedona, I saw the alignment of Venus and the new moon. It was spectacular and powerfully beautiful. Venus is the planet of love, the space where the feminine receives and shines all her glory. In this year of retrogrades upon retrogrades, Venus is the only planet that will not retrograde this year. Love is holding us with grace, as we move through this year of purification. As I was meditating with the sunset, I felt the power of love when it meets our relationships and touches all that we encounter. That space where the sacred meets our humanity and we become full of peace and total love.

During the month of September, I was guided inward to disconnect from the outside world, and return to the simplicity of nature and all her offerings. September by far cosmically was an intense energy of letting go, release, and surrender. Globally we witnessed and experienced uprising, protests, and life lessons coming like a storm. Many changes occurred preparing us as a species for the upcoming powerful winds of 2017 and beyond. Whatever was witnessed, experienced, and is still lingering, let us take a collective breath, and remember trust and surrender going forward. Years ago a thought came to me, “uncomfortable is the new comfortable.” That thought still applies–and will apply as we travel into the depths of the unknown–becoming more and more comfortable with her waves of change, grace, and love. Change, transformation, and growth are inevitable in this lifetime, and is are the cornerstones of why we chose to come to our Earth school. To love, live, and experience all this life has, and will offer, is truly a gift that we each came to experience.

After a powerful month of inward exploration, it feels good to come back inspired with new teachings, new awarenesses, and perspectives on our journey as a planet together. We are living in a powerful time of change, transformation, and awakening. As a globe we are asked to return to what really matters and move from the heart unlike ever before. There is a fire rising in the world, and this fire will continue to grow and grow for years to come. This truly is an exciting time for our souls journey, and we as humans have the choice to either sink or swim together. October is our opportunity for us to swim in the waves of relationships and honor the sacred within all of our connections. As we evolve and expand– the heart center literally breaks open. Floods of emotions, sensitivities, and awarenesses flood the mind, body, and spirit. There are many life changes and choices that often come with awakening. One of the most noticeable gifts of “awakening” is the desire for balance, harmony, and connection. A desire for freedom and to live a simple life.

In my month of reflection, I was shown how technology– has and is killing– our personal connections with each other. In the beauty of the Universe, almost all my technology failed for a month. Plans fell apart, and I was asked to sit in the simplicity and flow of life. Instead of fighting the energies that be, I took the energy and rode with the wave. I found that within a few days, I had more energy, time, and a feeling of freedom that I hadn’t felt in years. Specifically when I deleted my Facebook app from my phone. It was a powerful re-evaluation of the role that technology plays in our life, and how something that didn’t exist ten years ago has invaded every part of our culture. How did it become so prevalent to know what our friends and loved ones are doing, eating, and feeling every moment of the day? Back in what seems like ancient times now, we would call each other, get together, and share our lives in more personal and intimate ways. In fact we would memorize our loved ones phone numbers, now many of us don’t even know what our own phone number is unless we look it up in our phones.

While social media, email, text, video, and all things viral can be wonderful tools of spreading information and getting messages out, and even connecting, they can also stop us from reaching out in the physical. How many hours are “spent” scrolling through newsfeeds, reacting to posts, and reporting what we ate for breakfast? Instead of calling we text, email, or send a Facebook message. Instead of talking we send emoji’s and stickers. The other day I was in the grocery store and a young girl, no older than six bumped into me as she was totally immersed into her phone. Her eyes were completely glazed over, distracted, and unaware of what was around her. It was a reminder that the balance between technology, and real life relationships is at a tipping point. In that moment that young child was no different than a robot. This realization is not new, but definitely was a reminder of the role technology is playing in many lives right now. As humans we can choose to disconnect, return to our heart center, and use technology as the tool it is–or we can become completely immersed into it and become no different than a computer. We as a species must find the balance between the two or risk losing many parts of our humanity that make us great.

The essence of our humanity is our heart connection. Computers, phones, and the internet have no emotions. If you try to have a conversation with “Siri” on your iPhone, she will answer you as a robot. Cold, emotionless, and full of facts. The thought of a robotic, cold, technologically minded world, is a future I hope we as humans do not choose to create. And, the power and beauty is that each one of us can choose it for ourselves. We can choose to disconnect, detach, breathe, and return to the sacred. We can balance and harmonize our relationship with people, technology, the Earth, and all her creations.

As we begin our month of new beginnings where relationships come front and center, the message for this time is to return to the sacred. This month let us remember to return to balance and harmony within ourselves.

For those ready, willing, and able to return to the sacred, the invitation for this month is “reach out and touch someone.” Literally go give the world the hugs it needs, the cries it longs for, the shoulder to lean upon, and spread the truth it’s ready to hear. Smile and dance in the rain. Embrace the homeless man/woman in your neighborhood with a smile and send a blessing. As we open our hearts, detach from the distractions, and return to the Earth, and gift her with the love of heartbeats, the world balances and harmonizes. In truth, World peace could be as simple as deleting your Facebook app and sitting on a rock watching a fantastic sunset. It can be so simple, and yet, so magical.

Cheers to the magic of simplicity!

Until we meet again,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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