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Intuitive Readings

Ready to take your journey to the next level?

Are you looking for healing, guidance, & support?

These are intuitive readings that provide clarity, direction, healing, and purpose.

Need help making decisions in:




Connecting deeper to the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Healing Relationships and/or deepening connections

Taking your life to the next level

Do you know that your life is moving in a new direction?

Let’s connect soul-to-soul and see where you have been, where you are going, and how to move forward into the new with ease.

Are you a “space holder” 

A caregiver

Someone here to balance, create change, and heal?

As a “space holder,” it is difficult to find “others who “can hold space,” for you through life’s waves.

The people you “hold space for,” are never able to hold space for you leading to feelings of isolation, abandonment, and resentment.

Without support you can lose power, feel stuck, or overwhelmed with responsibility. 

Are you ready to dive deeper into your spiritual journey?

Finding it hard to connect to someone who can go deep with you?

Are you seeking guidance, support, intuitive wisdom, and deeper teachings?

Do you know you have a  purpose to share with the world?


You are currently working on creating your legacy.

A long-standing idea, dream, vision, or goal.

Do you identify with words like:














*Love Warrior


Let’s take your journey deeper and explore:

*Your Souls journey and evolution

*Resolve relationships, receive higher wisdom on relationships, family, finances and everyday challenges

*The Sacred Directions you walk with

*Authentic Ways to take your life to the next level

*How to harmonize, balance, and focus your legacy

*Clear and align you to your highest purpose and destiny

*Remove self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, and old paradigms standing in your way

These sessions include:

Spiritual Counseling, Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Sound, Healing, Energy work,  

Messages from Ancestors, Ancient Teachings, Inspiration, and life transformation.


Phone, Skype, Facetime, E-Mail, In-Person in Sedona:

30 Minute Session: $111 E-Mail Sessions

60 Minute Session: $222-E-Mail, Skype, In-Person

90 Minute Session: $333- Phone/Skype/In-Person

Transformational Ceremonies on the land are also available for $333

Click here for offerings

Package Sessions Available for deeper healings

To Schedule:


Call: 928-821-6380

Pre-Pay via “Pay Pal”



After scheduling you will receive instructions on how to connect. 

When Booking include:

Name, E-Mail, and your Intention for our session

All readings are scheduled AZ MDT:

Please check the local time and confirm you are scheduling the proper time.
 Arizona is in Pacific time before Daylight savings and in Mountain Time after Daylight savings.

All E-Mail Sessions are completed within 72 hours.

There are no exchanges or refunds on services provided. If you have questions, reservations, or doubts, please sit in meditation before booking your time.

Inquire via email for private retreats, ceremonies, hosting, and other ways to work with Song Bird Grand Mother.


Song Bird Grand Mother