Sacred Oracle Sessions

Medicine Wheel Healing Sessions

The Medicine Wheel contains ancient wisdom, healing, and direction for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

♣East: Your Mental State of Mind 

♠South: Your Physical Condition

♥West:  Your Heart

♦North: Your Spirit

In these healing sessions, you gain a deeper understanding of how to work with the directions of your life to create the life you desire.

 E-Mail Medicine Reading:  Gifts you an overall look at your "Medicine Wheel" the themes, lessons and blessings of each direction, and the way forward.


60 Minute Phone, Skype, In-Person Transmission: Provides in-depth face-to-face or voice-to-voice interaction. More in-depth, longer, and personal than an e-mail reading.


90 Minute Vortex Healings are in-person in Sedona, AZ in the sacred lands

Intuitive Readings/Healing


Pre-Pay using "Pay Pal" link above, and click "Book Appointment" to schedule your time.

After scheduling you will receive instructions on how to connect. 

When Booking include:

Name, E-Mail, and your Intention for this reading.

All readings are scheduled AZ MDT:

All E-Mail Sessions are completed within 72 hours.

These sessions may include:

Breath work, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Energy work, Spiritual Counseling, Messages from Spirit, Ancient Teachings, Inspiration, Oracle Cards, Candle Magic/Ritual, and/or sound healing.

There are no exchanges or refunds on services provided. If you have questions, reservations, or doubts, please sit in meditation before booking your time.

Inquire via email for private retreats, ceremonies, hosting, and other ways to work with Song Bird Grand Mother.