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Alchemy, Ceremony, & Magic

Are you ready to boost your intention with Spiritual power

To manifest your dreams?


Grand Mother’s Altar is now open. 


Every New Moon and Full moon, the altar is open for prayer and sacred ceremony  to manifest abundance, love, health, direction, clarity, and Divine peace.

Put in your request anytime, and the next New Moon or Full Moon your Intention (prayer) candle will be ignited to help bring in your desires.

Candle Magic Prayer, Ceremony: 1 Candle for 1 Specific Intention

New Moon Ritual:  New Beginnings, Clarity, Insight
Full Moon Ritual:  Endings, Letting Go, Removing Fear

Ceremony Magic works with all aspects of life including:

♦  Money & Business
♥ Love & Friendship
♣ Health & Peace
♠ Direction & Clarity

Abundance, Love, Friendship, Health, Peace, Direction, and Clarity, all begins with receiving.

For this ceremony, think about what you desire.

Get really clear and specific. 

What is the feeling you want to feel in your life?

Sit in that vibration.

When you feel that energy, write down your  prayer (intention).

If you are working on attracting a job, opportunity, and/or amount of money, include this in your  intention.

The more specific you are with what you want, and FEEL the energy, the faster the ritual will work with you–and for you. 

Begin all your intentions with, “I NOW RECEIVE….”

1 Day Prayer CeremonyShort specific, clear intentions that you are actively pursuing. (Small amounts of money, improved relationships, better health, clarity on a decision).
3 Day Prayer CeremonyLonger workings that require more time and energy. (New Jobs, New Lover, Opportunities, and bigger life events).
7 Day Prayer CeremonyDeeper workings that require more energy and time. (Transformations, cross-roads, times of strife and hardship, debts, divorce, meeting soul mate after long drought).

Sit in meditation and ask yourself:

Which ceremony is calling me, and how long will I need? 

Ceremony Magic is always done in the night

Include your name, location, and intention, “I NOW RECEIVE…” as you submit your payment, recite your intention until you have memorized it.


Upon receiving your request, the energy begins to work. Concentrate on your intention, believe in it, and release it to the Universe. You will be notified of when your working will begin and end. After the ceremony, you will receive pictures and/or video, and messages that came through for you while the ceremony was in process.

There are no refunds on services offered. If you have doubts or reservations, examine those before ordering. The energy for these workings must remain pure to keep the work sacred.



Om Mani Padme Hum Blessing

Attract New Love