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Sedona-New Moon Fire Ceremony-4/4/19-6-9 PM

Join us for a sacred night under the stars of Springtime. For tonight’s fire, we will go deeper into Spiritual Power and how to take your intuitive gifts to the next level. 

Come and sit by the fire as the ancestors did, and release, energize, and call forth your natural abilities.

Ceremony is where the unmanifest becomes manifest, and we amplify our life purpose, gifts, talents, and abilities using the power of the flames.

Do you know you have unseen gifts and talents?

Ready to take your gifts to the next level of evolution?

Are you tired of being drained, tired, exhausted, or afraid of your Spiritual gifts?

This fire will be especially charged with the energies of activation, acceptance, and understanding the uniqueness of having heightened sixth senses. 

Be in a safe space to explore, cleanse, and activate the truth hidden deep inside. 

Perhaps you are already in the healing arts? Rejuvenate and level up. This is a fire for all gifts, talents, and levels. 

If you have any questions, please email:
or call/text 928-821-6380


Tea and water will be available

No food so please come nourished.

This is an outdoor fire, please bring blankets and dress warmly. If there is rain or snow we will move the fire indoors. Come prepared to be outside.

The Address is given when your ticket is confirmed. It will arrive by email, so please look for it.

Things to bring for you:

Open heart, Open Mind


Wear Comfortable clothing



Anything you would like “charged” on our altar (Jewelry, stones, pictures etc…)

Flowers for the prayer altar

It is proper protocol to bring a gift to the host please bring one of the following:

Cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, lavender, palo santo, Juniper, Corn meal or pollen, Mugwort, or another sacred herb


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