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Solstice Closes out 2019

Here we are at the turning point. The space where the dark and light merge and shift us into new seasons of our lives. This solstice marks the end of 2019 and marks the beginning of our transition into 2020 and the 2020’s. A powerful time of transition and change, and a time of great awakening and life shifts that will be both chosen and unchosen.

As we go into the transitional period and close out another year, the invitation is to go deeper into reflection, releasing, and retrospection. We are officially in our Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer for those in the Southern Hemisphere. As half of the year ends the season of darkness, the other half begins their descent into darkness. Representing perfect balance, union, and polarity. There is not light with the darkness, and no darkness without the light. Both are needed for life to thrive on this planet. During the darkness, we have an opportunity to go into the hidden, the unseen, and the intuitive. A time to rest, reflect, and manifest. The darkness is where all the power of the unseen resides and gifts us the beauty of seeing our lives in deeper and more profound ways.

The light is where we see what was created in the darkness grow. We come out of the womb of manifestation and enter the light of the sun. The summer is where we take the seeds that were bloomed in Spring and grow them to their full harvest.

This is a powerful time to give thanks and gratitude to the road behind and set new intentions and prayers for the times ahead.

What are you most grateful for at this moment of time?

What are ready to release to receive your greatest blessing going forward?

What theme emerged this decade that you have learned from and are ready to receive the blessing from going forward?

In the Chinese calendar, we are preparing to exit the year of the Earth Pig, and enter into the Metal Rat. Metal is the element of alchemy, transformation, it is cold and strong. It bends under the fire, and becomes stronger through the air. It survives challenges through being tempered, and it controls the lungs and grief. The rat is where we begin a new cycle, and rats are viewed as being intelligent and fast. For this new year, it is important to stay in the flow, be open to change, and be fast and smart in all your affairs. The official Chinese New Year begins January 25th on the new moon, and from now until then we will be feeling the steady waves of the New Year come in and through our lives.

Perhaps you are already feeling the shift and change?

2019 was a year of preparation, cleaning house, and rearranging. Many have moved or are preparing to move, many experienced loss and grief, and many are coming out and into greater abundance and new beginnings. This is the time to get the affairs in order, clean out the clutter, and set your sails and intentions for the road ahead. What you think, feel, and react to is manifesting at faster levels, and it’s important to stay in the frequency that matches your highest good.

All is happening for your highest good, and it’s time to reconcile, reflect, and move into greater bands of frequency. Where your heart and mind align is where you will find your treasure, and just around the bend is all that you have been working towards.

It’s been a great honor to connect, sit in ceremony, and be with you all during this powerful time on planet Earth. You each hold a sacred and pivotal role on this planet. Just your presence alone shifts the dynamic, and balances the light and dark.

Thank you so much for being part of my life, and I look forward to all that is to come in the coming year. I will be back hosting ceremonies on the New Moon January 25th, where we will light a new fire.

Have a beautiful and wonderful holiday season.

Until we meet again,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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