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Something for Nothing

We’ve all encountered it. The grabbing/incessant energy of wanting something for nothing. This can be time, resources, money, a place to stay, food to eat, kindness, or anything that we are willing to give to another that benefits them in some way, shape, or form without equal exchange.

It can be the sexy allure of the cheap service that will solve all of our problems, the free sample, or free dinner, that ends up sucking our energy and time.

The seduction of getting something for nothing intoxicates this world with the scent of “what more can I take” that feeds into the raping of Mother Earth. It’s a sickness that is plaguing Western Civilization, and causing us as participants of this vicious cycle to wake-up and smell the con in the air.

We all know there is “no free lunch” and that there is value in hard work, discipline, and paying for good service and being compensated fairly. However, we as a nation are inundated with “free” offers, and trying to “get one over” on someone or something. It’s so unconscious that most are not even aware of this and what the REAL meaning behind it is.

Watch any commercial, log into any social media, go onto any sales web-site, or attend any workshop/seminar and you will see elements of it. The FREE offer (that tries to hook you in), the sexy woman seducing you with a product/service, or the retailer convincing you that you need to have this item to be complete. The sales system is built to get you to spend more, buy more, and want more. The consumer nation that is built on feeding our outrageous appetites off the raping of our Mother Earth with lack of compassion or awareness of what we are doing to her and therefore ourselves.

If you are someone who over-gives you understand this concept well, because as an over-giver you will naturally attract an over-taker to show you this imbalance within yourself. As leaders of the Western Civilization we must all rise up out of this greedy way of viewing the world. If we do not wake-up out of it, Mother Earth will push hard times upon those who continue to rape our dear Mother and take from her in excess.

We have reached the “tipping point” and Mother Earth is telling us in a massive way to

“stop killing and raping our precious home!”

The loud roar of volcanoes erupting, the shaking and purifying of the rain, Earth Quakes happening more frequently, and the droughts of  the West, are just the beginning of what will happen if we as a nation do not STOP the killing and raping of our precious and beloved Mother.

There is wisdom in the ancient teaching of “taking only what you need.” Somewhere in this modern civilization we have lost this in a big way. We continuously take more than what we need and have become a “throw away” society. Producing more goods and services than needed. We live within and among parasite businesses, politicians, friends, family members, and media that all feeds into this sickness. It is up to those who are awake and awakening to this truth, to stand together and say “NO MORE!”

NO MORE taking more in the name of greed.

NO MORE giving away personal power.

NO MORE Raping our precious Mother Earth.

NO MORE unconscious living and suffering.

NO MORE supporting greed and corruption.

NO MORE something for nothing.

Because there is truly never a “something for nothing.”

There is always a price. It may not seem like there is, but there is.

In this case, we lose big time, if we do not wake-up and stand together!

It is time to unite in COMMUNITY, and to support one another in a new paradigm, a new way of giving and receiving in balance with Mother Earth and all of her bounty.

To rise out of consumerism, to support local economies, and to GIVE BACK to the MOTHER. 

Things we can do to stop the “something for nothing” epidemic:

*Stop buying un-necessarily (specifically foreign goods and products)

*Turn off your TV

*Only buy local foods from farmer’s market, better to plant your own garden

*Plant flowers and trees

*Spend time in nature hugging trees, walking bare foot, and connecting with the Mother

*Educate all your friends and family

*Drive less, walk more, bike more

*Car pool to work

*Purchase from local artist, vendors, those who you love and know

* Speak your truth bravely and stand up for the MOTHER

*Shine your light no matter what

*Do not waste food or water

*Start to build self-sustaining homes and think COMMUNITY PROPERTY

*Pray and gather for the healing of Mother Earth

*Spend 10-20 minutes a day praying and meditating with Mother Earth

*Take everyone you know outside for nature walks, hikes, and connecting to Mother

We are at the point in our evolution where we either wake-up or die.

Mother will not stand for the degradation, raping, pillaging, or hurting of her body and land any more. It is time for us to join together and help one another rise up out of this sickness and heal our personal wounds around greed, selfishness, and control. Our Mother Earth needs us to be strong, to stay true, and join together so that we can heal together. This pattern of taking from the Mother ruthlessly and violently has to stop, and as an Earth Keeper, I beg each one of you to join me and let’s begin the process of giving back to Mother who loves us so unconditionally and allows us to live upon and within her bounty. As we give back to her, miracles begin to happen, and we truly rise up out of the web of the matrix and create a  new paradigm, a new world, filled with love, joy, and true happiness!

Cheers to crossing the Rainbow bridge into community!

With love and peace,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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