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Healing Journey’s

Root Chakra Drumming Meditation by Song Bird Grand Mother

Are you in need of some relaxation, meditation, vision, inspiration, and clarity?

Do you find the drum, song, and piano soothing?

Imagine a sacred lullaby being sung to your soul, or the sound of the ancient heartbeat of Mother Earth drumming into your spirit.

These healing sessions are designed to help you drop into that place deep within you, so you can go further into your soul journey.

Come and experience a sacred healing journey with sound, energy healing, and intuitive wisdom to find inner peace, clarity, and guidance..

These are sacred healing journey’s that combine the energies of sound, energy healing, and transformation.

Come with your healing intention, prayers, and open heart, and allow the healing energies of the Great Spirit and your ancestors to lead the way.

These healing sessions are focused on the energetics of your mind, body, and spirit.

Full Healing Session: $222 for 1 hour

This session is a full Mind, Body, and Spirit journey into your Soul. Dive deep into a sound journey where we will go into prayer, energy healing, so you can receive guidance, clarity, and release.

This session includes Soul-to-Soul intuitive wisdom session, and a sacred herbal cleanse to support your healing journey.

These are 60 minutes deeper journey’s where we nurture your mind, body, and spirit.

Transformational Healing Session Ceremony

For this session, we will go deep into ceremony and call in extra loving support from your ancestors and the Great Spirit.

This Session includes a water blessing, and prayer bow. This is a complete healing session, ceremony, and sound journey focused on helping you birth your next chapter. Recommended for those who want to call in big prayers on their prayer walk.

This is a Two Hour session which includes Energy healing, Intuitive Wisdom, Soul-to-soul Counseling, and ceremony.

Rejuvenate your soul in Sedona!

Clarify, heal, and manifest your dreams moving forward.

$333 includes take home Medicine Bag or Jewelry

If you would like to schedule your session:

Book online: Book appointment


Call: 928-821-6380

Sessions can be in-person (Sedona, AZ) or remote via Skype, Zoom, or phone

All sessions must be pre-paid to confirm your appointment.

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You can also call in with your Credit Card Number

You can also call in with your Credit Card Number