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Today’s show is to call in all the “Queens,” women who are ready to own their raw FEMININE power. This is the time of the “Feminine Rising,” and it’s a time when women are now being activated to take charge, take action, and be the master creators of their lives. In this show, learn what this means, how to navigate through the currents of what this looks like in your life, and follow your heart to your passions and visions. Women are rising, and it’s time to come together to create peace on Earth. To connect more with Song Bird Grand Mother Click Here. 

Born Circa 1980-2000 Generation Technology *Inspired by a vision of a better world *Value Peace, Balance, and equality *Highly Sensitive, Empathic, Intuitive *Have awareness of other worldly energies *Feel deeply disturbed by the condition of the world *LOVE and Value Freedom *Independent and love to do your own thing even against social norms *Quick thought and communication *Holistic and open minded *Strong Spirituality but not necessarily religious *Have inner confidence and self-worth *Know and understand solutions to world problems *Feel like a prisoner in this world and/or your body *Intelligent and interested in a broad topics *Creative *Have a hard time with systems of oppression or institutes *Inquisitive and Question everything *Rebellious in nature *Love adventure and travel *Diversity in friends and community *Out of the box/black sheep of your family *Anger and/or frustration over the “systems” *Global Citizens of the world *Often Misunderstood by those older If you identify […]

What is a legend? Discussion on what it means to be a legend and develop your legacy. Tips and teachings on how to become a legend and share your legacy to change yourself, your community, and the world! Tune in AND Listen on YOUTUBE Listen in on Sound Cloud

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