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Tap Into your Ancient K-NOW-ING


Pulled this message from the archives: “Tap Into your Ancient K-NOW-ING.”

Insights from Spirit!
Tap into your Ancient K-NOW-ING

Welcome to another week! Time to embrace and tap into the ancient K-NOW-ING of your intuition! Knowing is a sense that you can’t quite see, feel, or touch. It’s an internal feeling that tells us which way our life is flowing. It is in this place all is known, revealed, and created.

The void is where it is, the great place of uncertainty, mystery, and revelation. This is the place where all of life opens and it is always in the present moment. Whenever something FEELS off–it is. Trusting that feeling is the knowing. This is the place where all creation on planet Earth lives. All animals from the birds, to dogs, to critters of all sizes, live in this place of living life in the present moment.

K-NOW-ING is always in the present moment. In each moment, you are given an opportunity to step in or around this feeling, but it is always there. This is the primitive and ancient part of our species that when followed always leads to the path of righteousness and life purpose.

So many in the world seek to KNOW their purpose. Yet, when they actually feel the K-KNOW-ING they run from it, deny it, or shove it under other feelings. Hiding is no longer an option in this world of rapid change and growth. Humanity is awakening to this ancient K-NOW-ING that has been hiding the light for far too long. Follow your K-NOW-ING trusting that it KNOWS the flow of your life more than your mind can conceive it to be.

This week pay attention to how your intuition speaks to you in every moment. Remember all you have is this moment. No other moment matters. As you practice awakening to the present moment in its fullness, life becomes more magical, creative, and miraculous!

Blessings for a beautiful week of living in the NOW!

Until we meet again!

Song Bird Grand Mother

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