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Telepathy–Better than Technology

As we emerge through our next wave of Awakening.

There will come a time when you break from technology and realize that you can attract everything through the power of your thoughts.


Yes, that’s right.

Everything you desire begins and is created through the seed of your thoughts.


Questions to begin our journey diving into the power of thoughts is:

How much time do you spend on technology?

Phone? Email? Social Media? Text? Apps?


How much time do you spend empowering your own thoughts away from technology?

Meditation? Prayer? Singing?  Visualization? Ceremony?  Art?  Creativity? Hiking? Being in Nature?


Is your time balanced?



There are so many ways to communicate, through the portal of the internet there are numerous tools available to relate to and connect with others.


The internet has provided us with a high speed way to globally connect, and has changed the world in many positive ways.


On the flip side of this wonderful connection is that technology can also be used as a way to numb out, disconnect from others, and put on a mask for the world to see.


If not used with balance it can become an addiction, a slave driver, and dulls the senses and the mind.


Chances are if you mostly use the internet for communication; you are actually connecting with people less and less in person.


More and more people are using social media tools, text messaging, emailing, and various apps to connect. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites can be used to spy on your friends, exes, and others.


It can also be great for getting the word out on important issues, promoting the little guy, and provides a platform for everyone’s calling.


Depending on how, and the frequency one uses it, social media can be a great tool of awakening ;or, it can keep one–sleeping–unconsciously. For even in technology land, your THOUGHTS will determine your experience.


Going back to the original “thought” that sparked this writing, is that your THOUGHTS create your experience.


The more you practice refinining, organizing, purifying, clarifying, and accepting your thoughts, the clearer your focus in life will be.


The clearer your focus, the cleaner you manifest. The key to your dreams lays in your ability to clear your thoughts.


What does this mean?


In the beginning when you have chaotic thoughts, the key in meditation is to accept your thoughts and allow them to pass through. To detach from them so that you can hear your inner stillness. The voice behind the thought.


This is where the center of your power resides. When we can clear out the passing thoughts coming from our own minds and the collective mind, we begin to develop and hear our inner truth.



The more we focus on this inner truth the bigger it becomes.



The key is to have thoughts with purpose. To remain independent with your own journey, while still be in the collective society.


This great need to communicate via the web has created zillions of dollars for companies that keep us addicted to the endless waves of information, stimulation, and news pumped out from the various tools that now run the world.


The internet has both freed and enslaved humans since its invention depending on how it was used.


As we ascend into the next generation and era here on our global and shifting world, 

The reminder is to balance your time, your energy, and resources.

*Take time away from the computer, the phone, and all technology daily.

*Get into nature, meditate, and re-connect with your life outside of the machine.

*Re-connect with those you love in person away from technology



The beauty of technology is the ways we can use it to connect with others and build greatness. 



The danger of technology is the over bombardment of stimulus keeping us trapped into the world of torture, programming, tying us to a system of tyranny and greed.


As you Awaken to the truth of who you are, you will find that technology becomes less and less appealing. Social media becomes boring and unsatisfying, and you will come to remember the ways of the elders.


The old way is the intuitive way. It appears in the form of dreams, thoughts, and visions. It is hidden in feelings of de ja vu, manifestation, and the synchronicity of life. The ability to think of someone and then mysteriously run into them.


The thought or feeling of going somewhere and meeting someone new. Life outside of technology is more personal, intimate, and enjoyable.


It brings us back to our humanity, awakens our natural gifts of intuition, and leads us to the great adventures calling us to live life to the fullest.


For those who happen to fall upon these words, this is a call to step into the

Great Mystery of your life.

Boldly love, get out and bless the land, and use your intuition to call in your soul.



The telepathic way we are all wired to call in each other is always exactly on time.


Telepathy is better than any man made invention and has been used since the beginning of time. It is how we are innately and intuitively built. It is one of the great mysteries of how the human mind really works.


How our energies can gather and call each other in consciously and unconsciously.


How we are all connected in this great web of life. For no one is ever truly an island.


When you call out into the web, the web will always respond. The key in this modern day is to balance our tools with our humanity. To not become technology, but to use it to spread our joy.


For without technology many messages would not be heard, many great inventions would remain lost or hidden, and many great connections could not be possible.


However, if there was ever to come a day when technology as we know it– seized to exist.


The human mind, our telepathic connector, would guide us to exactly the right places, people, and events needed to shape and protect our destiny.


For the great truth behind the mystery, is that we are always guided, protected, and supported.


The key is to balance, is to harmonize, and live our life singing our own song, owning our mystery, and knowing our own calling that makes each one of us unique.


Technology is meant to be the cherry on top, not the cake.


The Great Mystery of Creation is always in charge.


Weaving our destiny, as we follow her call.


Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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