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The Center

The depth within you lays in the center of who you are.

When you awaken to this truth, you will live in the center.


What is the center?


The center is the space between logic and emotion; rational and insane, to arrive at wisdom.


Wisdom is what center is.


The place deep within you beyond space, and right on time.


It has seen all,  knows all,  is all.


It is connected to the Source of all life.


The creator in full motion.


Divine Mother and Divine Father.


Together in union, deep in a sunset of love.


This is the space between you. 

The space of where oneness is bliss.


Where your joint meets bone.


The knowing there is only just the one.

No one here, no one there.

Just one, living in bliss.



This is center.

Return there.

Dare to find your truth inside.



Look beyond nothing than your front nose.



Your truth is inside of you.

Buried inside.

The time to awaken has come dear butterfly.

Release that cysalis, 

Struggle for freedom.

Triump for all.

Your win is a win for all.

Be true to who you are,

Speak with love and kindness,



AND TRUST that love will lead you in and through. 

Center yourself first.

Take that next step.



Keep stepping, until your in the rhythm.



As you step all else becomes clear.


Life is but a dream.


One day we all wake up.

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