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The Goddess Within Fire Ceremony


Tonight for this Full Moon to honor the number 13 and this sacred month of October, we will dive deep into the fires of the the Goddess Within. 

Go deeper into your ancient feminine wisdom, and activate the sacred feminine within yourself, understand the ancient Goddess traditions, and how to embody the different aspects of the feminine.

We will discuss the ancient stores surrounding the cycles of woman, nature, and how the feminine has always been connected with creation and power. 

Activate the sacred womb space and heal the traumas and pain surrounding the feminine. 

Celebrate the power of the feminine and reclaim your ancient birthright.

This fire will help us connect deeper with the Earth, purpose, and the power of receiving.

Come and recnnect with all of our ancient Grandmothers, the traditions they honored, and ignite the power of the feminine. 

13 was originally a powerful number representing the feminine, the mystery of creation, and was once held highly sacred. 

Tonight we will honor this ancient number and ignite the powers held deep within our lineages. 


Please pre-pay for your ticket on-line to confirm your attendance. If you do not have computer access, and/or want to pay at the door, contact Song Bird Grand Mother.

The price on-line is: $53 and $55 at the door. 

Things to bring for you:

Open heart, Open Mind


Wear Comfortable clothing with covered shoes and dress in layers as the weather is cooler once the sun goes down 

Water-there is no water at the ceremony so remember to bring your own, hot tea will be served


We will be outside, so be prepared with bug spray and wear layers as the weather may be hotter and then cooler

Anything you would like “charged” on our altar (Jewelry, stones, pictures etc…)

It is the proper protocol to bring a gift to the host please bring one of the following:

Cedar, tobacco, sweet grass, sage, lavender, palo santo, Juniper, Cornmeal or pollen, Mugwort, or another sacred herb 

(All herbs are used in future fires, and are gifts for Grand Mother)

*No food so please come nourished.

*Please bring your own water

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before 6 pm.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or text: 928-821-6380 or



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