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The Process of Awakening: Secrets and Tips to Navigating the Waves

You are Waking up.

The world is Waking up.

Can you feel it?

Wherever you are on the journey of Waking Up. Thank you for being on this journey. For you truly are changing the world. There is a massive growing movement of people Waking Up, and it’s truly is a sight to behold.


I will say that it will not be EASY.

It won’t be HARD.

But, it will not be, and was not be designed to be easy.

Everything in the programming is designed to hold you where you are.

Everything in your brain is adjusted to make you fail.

Everything is there to keep you stuck.

This is why our world is in the condition it is.


Waking Up is choosing a different reality. It is a conscious choice to go within and never look back.


If often means leaving everything we “know” to find everything we “don’t know.”


It is not an overnight intense experience, but usually a series of overnight intense experiences. It takes time to unravel what took years to ravel. I have come to know that it is not a logical process by any means either.


It is simply a process of stripping away everything you think you know to find out–Everything YOU REALLY know. And, the truth is, it feels GREAT!


Before we continue the question is:

Do you choose to take the red pill? The pill where there is no going back to who you were?


That’s the question.


Are you ready to go for glory and continue to do that everyday?

To live from your heart everyday?

Total trust, abundance, and peace?

Are you ready to meet high vibe people doing great things on planet Earth?

Those are the rewards to following your heart.


The beauty of Waking Up, is that you can choose to not engage, and to follow your heart no matter what.


Life Events that trigger an Awakening:

*Loss of job/business/employment

*Health Crisis

*Depression and/or Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Loss of Interest in Everything

*Mental Break/Psychosis


*Extreme anger at the world and it’s condition/possible violence


*Loss of relationship/Divorce

*Death of someone close to you

*Series of tragic events

*Feeling out of sorts with the world

*Hating your job, relationship, health, or where you are in life

*Feeling Stuck



The first stages of “Waking Up” aren’t so pretty. Down right, ugly at times. Our emotions tend to run high, our ego is getting slain left and right, and we feel like everything we’ve known is a big fat lie.

The more we fight the energies of awakening, the worst the symptoms become over time.

It can feel like God has turned away from you, and there maybe no one to turn to…

Perhaps everyone you know turns their back on you and/or your entire life feels like a tornado swept through.


This is also known as “the long dark night of the soul.” It’s initiation time and the energy is quite intense emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Why is waking up rough? It’s because your meant to




Anytime tragedy, death, divorce, cancer, you name it comes into our life, it’s an opportunity to TURN IN. When we TURN IN, We TUNE OUT all the external noise, we take care of ourselves, love ourselves, and learn to depend on going within.

We have to learn things “outside the box,” and simplify our life outside to fit our new lifestyles.

Waking up is a choice. You can have an “awakening,” and decide to push the “snooze” button, knowing that more waves will come, until you listen to your intuition.


If we don’t honor the call through tragedy, tragedy keeps finding us, until we listen. The gift of awakening is that it’s fine tuning your intuition. Intuition is actually the biggest part of living a life from the heart.


The intuition is the cornerstone to healthy, wealthy, living. When we completely listen to the ALL KNOWING within, we never go wrong. The process of Waking Up is the process of getting quiet, turning INWARD, and uncovering the wealth hidden below the surface.


While the first stages of Waking Up aren’t “pretty” they strip us into our authentic Self. They make us strong and take us into the elevation zone, where our lives begin to vibrate higher and higher!


What are tools/secrets to Use when Waking Up?


As you go through “awakening,” “detach,” “let go,” “surrender,” and “give in” as Creator brings you to your next destination.

Remember To follow “Thy Will” instead of “my will.” And, devote everyday to living your  authentic self without apology.


What does this mean?

The first thing to detach from is TV. The TV is a big noisy thing that teaches us how to live. It bombards us with ads on what to eat, how to live, who to vote for, and wastes time. Detaching from TV give you more time to be in nature, create art, connect with people, and focus your attention.

Detach from the opinions of others. Begin to listen to your intuition no matter what, surround yourself with positive people. Do not feed drama in and/or around you, and take self-responsibility for everything in your life.

We each have our own struggles and unique situations, but the similarities we find are quite striking.

Detaching will be on-going, as Awakening is a process of “forgetting everything you were taught.”

It takes time to dump all the programming, the beliefs within, and shed a lot of old relationships, and toxicity. Through this process you will learn to listen deeper and deeper to your own needs, and the needs of others, and the world. 

The more you detach from outside stimulus such as TV, Radio, Mainstream news, Advertisement, toxic people, and family members, the clearer your antennae becomes.

You must sit in the quietness of your own Mind and Heart, to fully detach from the constant bombardment from the outside world.

Detachment is an on-going process. Every awakening leads to another “mind blowing,” heart opening, and expansive experience that leads us further down the rabbit hole.

Through each “awakening” we transform to the truth of who we “really are.” Which looks completely different than what you “thought it would be.”

Detachment is required to move forward with ease and grace.



Letting Go

Another tip is to “let go,” this tool often gets me slack from others. Letting go of the past, the regrets, the mistakes, and all the guilt and shame that came with living asleep.

This can also be called “Forgiveness.”

Letting go, means you are open to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, and new adventures that come your way.

Letting go is to let things roll off you easily.

This is a process of learning how to “let go,” of grievances, expectations, and old patterns.


Allow your emotions and thoughts to pass through you, and let them go, without judgment.


Let the truths within move in and through. Even if it’s hard realities, truths, or feelings.

Letting go is a process of purifying the mind, body, and spirit. It can be choosing to let go of toxic people, foods, relationships, family members, etc…It involves letting go of all the past, the hurts, the teachings, and even the good stuff.

Because a lot of times we stay stuck because of the good memories, even if the present reality doesn’t serve us anymore. Letting go is a daily practice, and it comes naturally when we allow it.

When we dive deep, we go deep.

The more willing you are to “let go” the easier your Waking Up will be.


Letting go leads to Surrender. Surrender is letting go. When we surrender it isn’t giving up or releasing, it’s giving in to Universal truth moving in and through us.

When we SUR-REN-DER it’s allowing the Great Mystery to lead the way. Surrender comes with a pure heart. When your heart is pure–surrender comes like a great ocean wave.

When our heart is constricted-surrender moves in and feels like a heart attack.When we are full of stress, bad food, bad people, and negativity, our hearts become toxic. This toxicity covers the pure heart within each being. No matter the outside, the inside of every being is the same.

When we surrender, we enter into the “law of oneness” that states, “We are One.”


This is Universal law. “We are One.” In this Oneness, I am not only born, but I exist in an endless pool of wisdom, strength, abundance and love. To cultivate surrender, we must cultivate self-love. “To Thine Own Self Be True.”


This is the miracle of surrender. When we love ourselves, we trust ourselves, and if we love and trust ourselves, we love and trust the Universe.

Where there is no self-love, there can be no surrender. So to begin your practice of surrender, the key is to practice, cultivate, and master, self-love in all that you do, eat,ingest, digest, and re-gest.

Surrender is the act of trusting yourself, and showing up where you are guided to go, no matter the fear or resistance.


Finally the last tip is to “give in” when you surrender, you naturally give in. You embody and embrace your truth, wisdom, and know that no matter what life brings– you can master the wave.

This can also be called “acceptance.” You accept and receive your Divine Mission. Knowing that all the waves of Awakening are happening for your highest good.

Your intuition will always lead you in, and through, to any doorway meant for you. This is why the first stages of “Waking Up” are often rough.

They are designed to lift you up and out of the “matrix” and lift you in and through to the “Heaven Within.”

When you can “give-in,” you overcome. You have arrived at a space where you accept and trust your intuition. You move with challenge, knowing that your blessings are on their way.

This is a place of wisdom. Knowing when to “do,” and when to “be.”

This is wisdom in action and thought. Giving In is the space between “surrender,” and “manifestation.” Where you know things are fruiting, and you give your “will” over to the Creator and move with your unstoppable power.

You no longer move from fear, but you only move from love.


On the Other SIDE of Awakening


*Living effortlessly




*Doing what you love everyday


*Meaningful relationships

*Positive Contribution

*Vibrant Health

*Deeper union with self

*Loving Relationships








*Overcome fear effortlessly 


Awakening is a process, and is meant to guide you to why you came here to the planet at this time.


It is the gentle knowing that life is not happening to us, but for us, and if you don’t feel something authentically, it’s not for you. No matter how shiny the package, or pretty promises, the truth is the truth.

You know it in your heart.

It’s not something you can get from a guru, lover, friend, neighbor, not even a pet. They can inspire and support your awakening, but this is a journey of your own making.


Waking up is the internal knowing that no matter WHAT you are complete. As you are, and as you are evolving.


It requires courage like no other, forgiveness at it’s highest levels, and self-love in every breath.


Waking up is a process.


It’s a process of retraining your thoughts, programs, beliefs.


It’s a process of going inward, disconnecting from people and distractions, and it’s a process of shedding everything that isn’t you.


Waking up is the gift of knowing that you are powerful beyond measure.

Not knowing is to know.


The more you struggle, the more you will be free.


We all “earn our stripes” in this process. Not one person who wakes up doesn’t “Feel the burn.”

How can you not be burned? You are a phoenix. The mighty bird burned of everything to become everything.


You are a masterpiece to the hands of Creation.

Her “Greatest Masterpiece,” she will wait until perfection.

Waking up in a world that slaughters, kills, rapes, deprives, oppresses, and denies is why you came.

If you don’t wake up; we don’t wake up, and now is the time to “Wake Up!”

For those of us born into a Western society, specifically the United States, we are waking up to living simply. We are in essence choosing to live  a simple, wholesome, and cruel free life.

We are choosing to not engage in the material– wants and needs– that we are programmed to think we “need,” but really are the things making us unhappy. We are being stripped of everything to Wake Up to the reality of what is really going on.

How the system of greed, corruption, and un-compassion is killing people, destroying families, and leading to unrest in our world. We are seeing that our government is the same government that profited off the backs of slaves, and the slaughtering of our Native people. There agenda’s are not those of the common person.

We are awakening to the deadly junk food, and the unethical treatment of animals, and the right for every person to live.

We are waking up to the power of our hearts and minds, and the freedom of consciousness.

When you Wake Up, you see the world as it is, and it is not there to fear you, but it is instead there to AWAKEN YOU.

Awakening is love in it’s highest form. For to “wake up” you must “love more.” 

Instead of watching the world fall apart, help build the new coming up. This is the message for all awakening and awakened souls reading this.

The situations in our world are literally squeezing us to “Wake Up,” go within, and take action towards creating a better world.

Once you wake up, choose to stay awake, and do the work. It’s worth it. The adventure is always worth it.

It’s time to build the new together!

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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