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Time to Thrive

When I think about what has helped me the most on my journey; it is the knowing that all is provided for. When I understood and mastered this, I released my fear of survival.
I no longer have the worry about finances, my future, or what the government does or doesn’t do, because I have an unshakeable faith and trust, that my future is and will always be provided for.
From this place, I can give from a generous and open heart. I can discern what is right and wrong for me, and I can assist others to own their power.
Where did this trust come from?
It came from experience; turned to wisdom.
It came from challenges; turned into blessings.
And, it came from ceremony and healing.
It took a lot of time, energy, effort, focus, heart break, and love to stand on this side of the mountain.
When we relinquish control, and trust that all works out– as it should–if it should–and how it should–then life becomes light. We no longer get caught up in the game of “surviving” even if we don’t know when or how the next bill will get paid, or where our next meal will come from.
When we walk with the knowing that no matter what, I will be provided for, life transforms in a brilliant and miraculous way. It’s beyond words or human understanding. We enter into the consciousness of purity. A frequency of wisdom. We see life clearer, and each day we renew.
It often takes incredible risks, challenges, and failures to come to this wisdom. Many distractions and obstacles come up, and it takes commitment to take the leap from fear to love.
But, for those of you reading this:
I invite you to join me on the mountain. To sit in the knowingness; that your future is well provided for. That no matter what variables come, you are the constant in your life.
You are Divinely guided, protected, and loved as you walk your earth journey.
You can now step out of “surviving,” and enter into “thriving.”
It’s time to Thrive!
Love and Blessings,
Song Bird Grand Mother​

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