What is Your Calling? Are you an Indigo AKA Millennial?

Born Circa 1980-2000

Generation Technology

*Inspired by a vision of a better world

*Value Peace, Balance, and equality

*Highly Sensitive, Empathic, Intuitive

*Have awareness of other worldly energies

*Feel deeply disturbed by the condition of the world

*LOVE and Value Freedom

*Independent and love to do your own thing even against social norms

*Quick thought and communication

*Holistic and open minded

*Strong Spirituality but not necessarily religious

*Have inner confidence and self-worth

*Know and understand solutions to world problems

*Feel like a prisoner in this world and/or your body

*Intelligent and interested in a broad topics


*Have a hard time with systems of oppression or institutes

*Inquisitive and Question everything

*Rebellious in nature

*Love adventure and travel

*Diversity in friends and community

*Out of the box/black sheep of your family

*Anger and/or frustration over the “systems”

*Global Citizens of the world

*Often Misunderstood by those older

If you identify or relate to most and/or all these attributes, and were born in the late seventies to early 2000’s then you may just be an Indigo Millennial.

Congratulations you are part of the next wave of consciousness and planetary evolution!

Whoo hoo! As a fellow Indigo Millennial, I greet you with a knowing that it’s our time to rock planet Earth!

We are part of a generation that is here to follow their heart, question corruption, and build new systems. Indigo’s have a fire to them different than generations before. We have a fire that can be described as defiance, resilience, and a knowingness that the world can and will be better. We are the generation that is here to question, tear down, and refine the systems of oppression that we have inherited.

We are sweet, but fiery.

We are nice with spice.

Indigo Millennials are starting to step into their calling’s, their power, and owning their paths of intuition. Most of our generation will be finding/creating new ways of commerce, business, and trade for many years to come.

We are part of a global community of awareness that is tired of the systems that previous generations have built, and refuse to live by the laws that go against our human nature. We are kind, strong, and here to break down the binds of slavery and liberate all those we encounter. First ourselves and then the world. We are constantly thinking of how we can live better, cheaper, and with community.

What I see and believe about our generation is that we know who we are AND we love to work in community–as long as we can be free and unique.

Indigo’s are here to build, connect, invent, and refine our world, and the time is NOW for us to step into our living legacy. Within the next decade this will be an Indigo/Millennial world. With 90 million+ of us we are the now and the future.

What we lay down now will be the foundation of what our kids, and their kids, and their kids, and so on will inherit.

What world do you want to leave your future generations?

This is our BIG Question as a generation we will have to define and refine.

Will we CHOOSE to get off the hamster wheels and come together to help each other out of corporate slavery and greed?


Will WE leave it to the next generations?

Technology can be our saving grace OR our point of destruction. We can choose to use technology to gather, strategize, discuss, connect, and take action. We are literally sitting on a gold mine with social media, YouTube, and all of the ways we can now broadcast messages, sell products, and gather.

We hold– and will hold the future of money and commerce. Many Millennial Indigos will inherit their families wealth, take over the next empires, create their own empires, invest into the stock markets, gold, and all the systems of money/land, and wealth. Millennial Indigos now and in the future will be in charge of how and where our resources are distributed. We will, and do, have the ability to make major headway, readjustments, and systematic changes of economics. We are at a time when we have the ability to really put boots on the ground and make a difference like never before.

But, like with all things, OUR time is now and within the next 10-20 years.

Indigo Millennials are leading the way in all industries, and are just now finding their footing. What makes our generation unique and innovative is our ability to be diverse, to communicate, and to understand what will work for us and what will not. We are an intuitive, sensitive, trusting, and open minded/hearted group of souls here to EVOLVE our planet to the next stage of consciousness. Often misunderstood, labeled, criticized, and looked down upon, we are finally emerging in our power to show the world who we are and why we came here.

We have many advantages and together we can achieve greatness. We have a great ability to navigate and change the systems that no longer serve. We have a population that is coming into the most “productive” years of adulthood, and we have buying power. Going forward we can decide how and where we choose to spend our money. We can CHOOSE how we wish to make a living, and we can CHOOSE who we wish to see in offices. We have big decisions going forward.

Are we going to be the generation “do nothing?” 


Instead I know and choose to believe that we will be generation

“Change the World.”

This Friday–and Every Friday– let’s dedicate ourselves to making our lives

and the lives of others better.

This Friday choose one thing that you will do for yourself that also benefits humanity.

Indigo Millennials we are the future.

If we don’t do it, who will?

Until we Meet Again,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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Song Bird Grand Mother