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Winter Solstice Full Moon Ceremony-12/22/18-2-6 pm-Littleton Colorado

Hello Soul Family,

Join us for our last ceremony for 2018, and it’s a BIG ONE! We will be meeting at a private residence in Littleton Colorado.

Are you ready to release your past into the fire?

Ready to make 2019 and beyond the best years of your life?

Are you standing at the crossroads ready to go forward?

Have you moved or are about to move?


Welcome to a powerful day and time to come together for ceremony, wisdom teachings, and transformational healing.

It is an honor to be called to my home state of Colorado to finish the year, and bring this transformational healing work to our beautiful host and her home, and all who are called to this sacred time.

For the closing of this powerful year, we will be meeting in Littleton Colorado to honor the 4 directions, the 4 sacred elements, and come together for endings and new beginnings.

This is a rare alignment where the Full moon meets the Winter solstice and we are given the opportunity to go deeper into our prayers, manifestations, healings, and transformations.

For this fire, I am calling forward the top 10. Those who are ready, willing, and able to purify and release the past, call in the beauty of 2019, and are READY to lay a solid foundation for a new beginning.

Are you ready to shift into a new beginning?


2018 was an intense purification of many old patterns, beliefs, and “old timelines.” Many of you have experienced a variety of challenges, setbacks, deaths, and new beginnings. It was also a year of unexpected surprises, support, and coming together.

This was a year where everything and anything went. A year of deep transformation, all leading us and preparing us for the roaring years of 2020 and beyond where we will begin our ascent into “why we really came here, at this time and this place.”

Right now, everyone is being called to where they need to be for the next step. This day gifts the opportunity to go deeper into transformation and set the course for the path forward. When we come together in sacred work there is more power than when we do it alone. Combined with the sacred energies of winter solstice and the full moon we are gifted a rare opportunity to go deeper into the Great Mystery and call forward our deepest desires while releasing the shadows that stop us.

For our sacred ceremony we will open our space with Purification and the element of fire. We will begin with a burning and talking ceremony next to the fire. This fire will be outdoors so bring your coat and layers.

After purification, we will bring the energy inside and go deeper into the element of air. We will discuss how to use the element of air to call forward your ancestors, how to properly smudge, and clear your mind of the four fears that stop you from greatness and release the mind chatter.

We will go deep into a meditation to clear the mind and align the heart to help you move your mission and purpose forward.

Once we have cleared the element of air, we will go deep into the energies of Earth. By taking a sacred drumming journey into the element of Earth we will shift the energies of the past into the future, and call forward your Divine purpose and use the energies to go deeper into the Winter solstice and full moon energies. We will use the “Earth” element to anchor and ground in your new intentions and prayers. We will also make prayer bundles to call in your new prayers and intentions.

To end our time together we will go into the element of Water. Using sacred water that has been activated and blessed with sacred crystals and essential oil with our spiritual energies we will deepen our prayers, manifestations, and intentions with the sacred element of water. We will go into the sacred teachings of water and how to heal using the beauty and bounty of water.

This ceremony will have layers and will go from the shadow to the light. This is for those who are ready to lay a solid foundation in their life, to heal, purify, and transform the past, and launch into a new beginning.

I know this is a busy time with the holidays and all that happens. I appreciate your commitment to yourself, your path, and the way forward. For those who are called to this ceremony, you are taking this sacred moment to heal, grow, and expand, and I am honored to walk with you in this beauty.

Once you register, ceremony begins and the transformational healing takes flight.

I look forward to sitting with you and go deeper into the Great Mystery, the Four Directions, and the Sacred Elements.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

Questions: Call or text 928-821-6380

There is only room for 10 so please RSVP and Prepay at the link below.
Confirm and RSVP:

Cost is: $111

Directions given when you RSVP
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