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Women Hold the Answer to World Peace


It is time ladies to come together and rise above the wounded parts of living in a patriarchal society. The one that has repressed, shamed, and enraged so many a woman, leaving a legacy of hurt women living with a closed heart.

Now is the time to rise up and shine together.

Recently, I was reading about the civil war in Liberia that raged for nearly fifteen years, before ending by the efforts of the women in the country who said, “no more.” They organized together crossing religious boundaries, and held “sex strikes” to motivate the men to stop the war. Reading about this reminded me of a play by Aristophanes, an ancient Greek philosopher, who wrote one of the only women stories of power from that time. The play was about the wives of ancient Greece stopping war by not sleeping with their husbands.

Here we are thousands of years later and see that when women stand up together and unite we can in fact stop war. We have the power to influence men in powerful ways, and are teachers of how to live in unison together. Now is the time for us to remember this power and bring it forth to a world on fire.

We as women can not only stop war, but we can move the world into love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. For women are bridges, healers, visionaries, creators, and receivers. Women create love with their thoughts, feelings, and actions. For far too long women have been repressed, controlled, and made to fit into boxes they don’t belong in.

Women by nature are mysterious, beautiful, intuitive, and caring. The feminine in it’s fullest glory creates universes, galaxies, and planets in her full breath. She can move an entire room to tears, laughter, joy, and love.  The feminine creates community, connection, and shines radiance wherever she goes. In her fullest embodiment she opens her heart to all– and nurtures the world as she is called.

The Divine Feminine is the tender, loving, firm, and bountiful aspects of humanity. When aligned with the Divine Masculine, the receiving and doing-move Heaven to Earth. Balance left and right. They become a unified aspect here to uplift and serve the collective dreams of society.

Inside each one of us is the capacity to rise the masculine and feminine within. The receiving and doing parts of ourselves, that create our destiny with ease and grace.

The time of the Feminine is rising into her full Divinity to illuminate light into our planet. And, yes, we need her to return us all back into love. When looking at the world today, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness of it all. The killing of the innocent, war, crime, terrorism, you name it… However, on the flip side of all the bad there is good.

There is not only good, but greatness all around us. Everyday we wake up, we breathe, and we experience life as it is presented to us. Even in war there is good. When we go outside and meet one another that is where we can see goodness. When we smile at the grocer, take time to listen to the elderly, help our children, and follow our hearts we are honoring the sacred within.

The Divine Feminine is the nurturer. She gives with no end. In this time of everything grabbing our time, energy, and attention true giving can be buried within. You may have to dig deep to find it, but when you do it means more than gold. It is water in the desert. We as humans have the capacity to give with our whole hearts. To share in wonder and support one another. For true givers know that when we give we truly receive more than we give. We have the power to overrule the negative with our giving of light.

We as a collective of awakened beings now have the obligation to rise up and allow the Feminine to rise once again. The women are now called to gather together to build communities. To talk, to gather, and to work with each other in support of common visions.

The loving pure heart within us is waking those called to live life from a space of grace. To allow life to do the moving, as we follow grace with no expectations.

The calling for women now is the calling of healing the broken, weak, and wounded parts stopping the flow of grace. To allow your life to become living water. Living water provides water for all it touches. To become water for your community means you replenish and fill yourself, your life, your heart with all the love you can give. From this love all else is built and multiplied. As we each awaken to our life’s calling and surrender to the Great Mystery, the Divine Feminine rises to meet her Divine Masculine counterpart. From this union a new earth and new beginning emerges. The one where women and men have power in equal measures. Both giving and taking in unison. No longer moving from a space of wounded relating. Listening and cooperating in union means that we are open to hearing the needs of each other. It is the allowing for the space of vulnerability.

She leads, he follows.

This is the natural order of things.

When she leads, and he follows, they work together. When both are trying to lead there is always conflict. When she is not sure of how to lead she feels powerless, voiceless, and small. The balance is in allowing the feminine to receive, and the masculine to follow. She receives from the Spiritual realms of intuition and he creates in the material realms of this Earth. She is the builder of the Spiritual, he is the builder of the material. Together it is a dance of mystery, connection, and cosmic creation.

Relationships fail and become destructive when relating from the wounded and broken ways we are taught from parents, society, and from years of women being repressed. In this time of awakening the key moving forward for women is to live from the heart, return to the sacred within, and purify the old wounded parts of self. This begins with honoring and living from a place of complete grace and softness. To return to the essence of love. A woman’s true legacy on this Earth will never be the amount of shoes she owns, the car she drives, or the amount of money she possesses. Those are wonderful tools that can help her, but her true legacy is that of living life from an open heart. It is in the beauty she brings from her heart. This beauty has the ability to transform the world into one of chaos into one of love and balance.

Vulnerability is the key to an open heart. For us women, we are closer to it’s source. For women give life. Women sacrifice willingly and from an open clear heart, we change the world. When a woman is full of love, support, and passion there is no limit to her bounty.

As we move forward it is time for us to heal the wounded feminine. The selfishness, the competitiveness, the judging, and all the ways we have torn down the sisterhood over many years of suffering. All the lower parts of our relating must be surrendered for us to walk together.

To rise together and allow the wounds of the past go, and to build a new way of relating to ourselves, the world, and our planet is what it will take for world peace. For it is through the women war will end, suffering will seize, and harmony will be restored. For women awaken men to their greatness and men awaken women to their power. When both are allowed to be as they are, open, vulnerable, with care and love, the world begins to shift. Life takes on new meaning, and we transition from suffering to love as a whole.

For it is not enough for one individual to be living in happiness at the expense of many others living in suffering.

True human enlightenment can only occur when every last soul is enlightened.

It is like the Master Quan Yin, Boddhisattva of compassion and mercy demonstrates, enlightenment is for everyone. She waits until every last person is enlightened even through she reached personal enlightenment thousands of years ago. Her message and legacy, is that she holds the door open for every last person. No one is left out, everyone wins, and no matter if it takes ten years or 10, 000 years, she will wait with grace and love. This is the Divine Feminine in all her glory. Like the patient mother waiting for her sons and daughters to grow into wisdom, our dear Mother Earth will patiently wait for us too to wake up, work with her, and remember who we are.

It is time ladies.

It is time to live your legacy of light.

Welcome to your Divinity.

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