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Shamanic Journey’s

These are Guided Journey’s for those wanting to experience and make contact with their inner world. Get to know your personal Soul Medicine, Clear your Shadows, and own your power.

Sedona Ceremonies

Ceremony is the gateway to your soul. In Ceremony we connect and manifest higher wisdom and knowledge. We heal unresolved “triggers,” pains and burdens. We remember who we are on a cellular level, and connect heart-to-heart.

Intuitive Sessions

These sessions are intimate, deep, healing, and above all else transformational. Remote sessions are done via e-mail, zoom or telephone. In-person ceremonies are done in Sedona, AZ.

Medicine Woman

"We are living in and within the most challenging, and extraordinary times; together, we will rise."
Who is Song Bird Grand Mother?

Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern Day Medicine Woman, Shamanic Healer, and Medium. She conducts ceremonies and private intuitive sessions with people from all over the world. She specializes in working with business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and other “legacy holders,” who know they have a deep calling to be the change in the world. With over 25 years in the healing arts, she has traveled the world sharing sacred messages and transformational healing.

  • Awakener, Messenger, Guide

  • Jeweler, Painter, Singer, Visionary, Musician

  • Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Spiritual

  • Ceremony, Blessing Magic, and Space Blessings

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