Time to Rise and Shine

Listen¬†below on “Blogtalk” for “Tips” on how to Rise and Shine with ease and grace.¬† Hello Family, As the thunder bangs, and the lightning flashes, lighting up the desert sky, I sit here in awe of the beauty and majesty of our Mother Earth. She always knows what we need and exactly when to deliver. Read more about Time to Rise and Shine[…]

Are you Ready to be Queen of your life?

Today’s show is to call in all the “Queens,” women who are ready to own their raw FEMININE power. This is the time of the “Feminine Rising,” and it’s a time when women are now being activated to take charge, take action, and be the master creators of their lives. In this show, learn what Read more about Are you Ready to be Queen of your life?[…]

The Medicine Wheel-The East-A New Day-Pod Cast

  It’s time to begin again. For all those walking into New Beginnings, join in on this discussion on the Medicine Wheel and the direction of East. The East Gifts us: New Beginnings, Clarity, Direction, and Vision As the sun rises, we to arise. The Medicine Wheel offers a complete look at the Mind, Body, Read more about The Medicine Wheel-The East-A New Day-Pod Cast[…]