Balance is Wholeness

                                  The deeper you travel into the well of who you are, you come to an intersection.   When looking at all the directions of life, there is one direction, most are avoiding.   What is that direction?   Read more about Balance is Wholeness[…]


                          Rain Plump, drops of rain drum on my window. Gentle taps of drops from heaven call me into its arms, beckoning me into the unknown. The wind carries a message from the moon. Evening is gone, the earth is still, and the Read more about Rain[…]

Thank you Body-Guided Meditation

New Guided Meditation on Soundcloud: “Thank you Body” It’s time to send love to your body. Feeling aches and pains? Want to relax? Anxious? Depressed? Take this moment for you to relax, re-juvenate, and send love to your body.   Thank you for leaving a love donation to keep the meditations flowing! [siteorigin_widget class=”Paypal_Donation_For_WordPress_Admin_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]

The Power of Loving Kindness

                                There is an invitation in this moment to breathe in and out the vibration of “loving kindness.”   Doesn’t this energy feel like home? The feelings of love and peace. The energy of “home.”   Today’s wisdom speaks of Read more about The Power of Loving Kindness[…]

Saying Goodbye Healing the Loss of a Pet

Ohhh….those cute furry animals. The dogs, cats, lizards, etc… you name it, someone most likely has–or– has had that as a pet.For those who embrace those “master teachers” into our lives, the hardest thing is to say “goodbye.” I have noticed thorough this time of transition and change, even our beloved pets are going through Read more about Saying Goodbye Healing the Loss of a Pet[…]