The Edge

Life is meant to be edgy. Have you ever met someone who rubbed you the wrong way? Something about them may have triggered you or rang an air of truth that sang in the air? People with edge are usually truth tellers. They see things and are brave enough to speak them. Often times what Read more about The Edge[…]

Moments of Pause

There are moments in our life when everything stops. When no matter the push, nothing moves forward. Moments when your health takes a turn, moments when relationships take a back seat, moments when life gets really quiet. We in the West are conditioned to keep going. Keep pushing. Keep doing. But, what happens when all Read more about Moments of Pause[…]

Time to Trust our Mother Earth

Spirituality was never separate from us 2-legged’s. All people come from people who lived off the land, who sat in ceremonies, lived in community, and cared for one another in balance.  They lived in harmony.  Some of our ancestors lived this way hundreds of years ago, some are blessed to still live this way, and Read more about Time to Trust our Mother Earth[…]