2021 Miracle Time

2021 is a big year for building and creating for those who are doing the inner work to jump from obstacles to miracles!

The conjunction we had on December 21, 2020 allowed us the perfect alignment to welcome in 2021 and the years to come.

In this year, we will see these two planets dancing and weaving. Obstacles bring blessings.

Challenges can either open or close doors opportunities, and for those who are ready, willing, and able to “jump” in and through the rings of Saturn will be blessed with the expansion of Jupiter.

If you’ve been feeling like Saturn has been closing doors, bringing you challenges, and/or repeating patterns, then it’s time to flip the switch and now jump from the Rings of Saturn to Jupiter.

This is the year the ancient Toltecs prophesied would be the closing of the last “Underworld.” This Underworld requires one to face uncertainty to obtain complete peace. To overcome the fear of the unknown requires a deep willingness to face the “demons” within.

Those who can overcome the fears of uncertainty, will find closure of past wounds, abundance, prosperity, good health, and a feeling of deep peace and completion. This can be likened to the rings of Saturn, and how we must overcome each ring in order to get to the inner planet.

This inner planet represents our success over challenges, and our ability to conquer all the fears of the unknown.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, opportunities, and miracles. These two planets are the perfect mirror’s for what is happening in our world today.

Right now, there is the world of Saturn and Jupiter.

Two worlds existing simultaneously. The ancients called this love and fear. Those in the Saturn/Fear world are living out the old programs that are scared of change, uncertainty, are addicted to suffering, and attached to ancestral patterns.

These patterns will continue to play out, forcing people to go within and heal these shadows within.

Until one is ready, willing, and able to face those rings and get to the center, the rings will keep one’s consciousness going around and around in circles.

The second world of Jupiter is moving out of the shadows and leaping into the new realms of opportunity and love. This group will find doors open, new clarity and insight, healing, forgiveness, and miracles.

What distinguishes the two?



*Purity of Heart


*Willingness to face the Unconscious Programming

What you perceive is what you see, experience, and live. What you see in the world comes from a combination of your Mother and Father’s influence, your childhood experiences, and the limitations or opportunities that life has presented to you.

When we heal the shadows of the limitations, we experience life differently.

When the shadows remain unresolved, all thoughts, feelings, and ideas are coming from limited thinking.

2021 gives us this unique opportunity to clear the shadows, change our perceptions, and move into a wide open space.

Those who purify the heart, will find the deep peace within.

The lessons of Saturn are about discipline, time management, and resiliency. There is a deep feeling of accomplishment one feels with the mastery of discipline.

This is what the shadow teaches us. These are beautiful lessons that bring opportunity and expansion.

2021 is a journey into the unknown to achieve peace and a deep feeling of love.

If you are ready to jump through those Rings and enter into expansion. Do the inner work. It is well worth all the time and effort.

Discipline is the key to moving through those Rings of limitation and into the miracles of expansion.

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