2021 The Beginning is Near


Here we go into the next chapter, the next evolution, the next frontier of humanity and global shifts and changes.

2020 was an incredible year of re-invention, re-evaluation, awakening, grief, sorrow, happiness, joy, excitement, and of course CHANGE. Depending on your “program,” and what “dials” you subscribe too, 2020 was a mixed bag of energies and soul growth. Many greats chose to leave our planet, and in 2021 many “greats” will return.

This is the year where many new babies will begin to hit our planet as the veils are now open calling in all the ancient ones, the ancestors of the past, and the future leaders of tomorrow. The ancestors returning are the ones from 500 years ago, who are coming back to bring knowledge and ancient wisdom.

The ancient Toltecs called this the “Sixth Sun,” or the time of Quetzalcoatl when precious knowledge would return to our planet. This is a process that will take five thousand years to complete, and as I’ve always taught this is a sacred time to be alive. For all those who can, and will survive, the next 5 years are the strongest of the strong, and the re-birthers of our next chapter as a planet.

2021 is a building year. If you are called to start a new business, get training, get married, have a family, this is a year of solid innovation. We will see many new industries, entrepreneur’s and new babies bless our planet. As the old structures fall and crumble, the new will rise up. The virtual space will continue to grow and expand, forcing us to balance technology and nature. For as technology rises, we must make a greater effort to stay close to the Earth and bask in the new sun rays hitting our planet.

Of course there will be resistance to change, their will be protests, and more of what we saw in 2020. For some 2021 will be a time of great restriction, loss, and death. For others it will be a time of great expansion, joy, and dreams coming true. It is a very dualistic year, as some are going deep into the “underworlds” of their unconscious minds to bring to light what is hidden. While others are coming out of their “underworlds” and have reached a mastery of “Self” so that now all those manifestations can come to light easily and with ease.

In either cases, the key is to watch your words and thoughts as manifestations are happening rapidly. A good tip to remember before speaking is “are my words arrows or flowers?” Are the words I am speaking helping or hurting? Words and thoughts are extremely important at this time for what you speak you create. What you value, values you. What you manifest is your responsibility.

This is a year where those who go “inside” for all the answers will find the answers and creativity needed to succeed. Those who stay “Stuck” waiting will find that what you “Resist,” Persists.

The wise one sees all, knows all, and takes action with the knowledge presented.

The key to success this year is moving with the cycles of change and finding creative solutions to problems. Rather than reacting, this is a year of contemplation and thoughtful action.

From 2021-2026 humanity is in two worlds AKA Two Suns. The old world is one where we go outside for all the answers, healing, and teachings. In the New World we go within for all the answers. We have to work with the Earth if we want abundance. For the Earth is now speaking the loudest.

For those who do not work with the Earth, and refuse to look within will not make it into the New Sun. One must cleanse and clear all the shadows or “underworlds” within to make it into this New Time. This year is the perfect year to cleanse those “underworlds” and find “peace” within.

2021 is what you decide. No matter the decision, time will keep moving forward, the old sun will die as the new sun rises. What we choose now is the foundation for the decades to come. Many are now turning on and turning up their psychic, medium, and extrasensory gifts. Dreams will lead the way for those who listen, and can merge the waking world with the dreaming world.

The best thing to remember in these years to come is that “all abundance comes from the Earth.” Remain close to her, stay in gratitude with her, and move with her not against her.

For the next coming years, will depend on how close you are to the Earth. For she is rising up in her glory, and for those who work with her, and her ancient ways, will find the greatest joy, abundance, and protection.

It’s always a choice. Now is the time to look within, not outside for all the answers are there.

Happy New Year! May 2021 be a blessed, abundant, healthy, and loving year for all of you!

Song Bird Grand Mother

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