808 What’s Your Greatest Wish

Welcome to the “Lion’s Gate,” a portal known to the ancients as a cosmic window of alignment. Since January of 2016, 808, has become a number that I have seen almost everyday. Prior to this year, I had very little experience with 808, only knowing that 808 is the area code of Hawaii, therefore holding the energies of ancient Lemuria. Through digging deeper in meditation, I came to realize that 808 was to be a “re-birth” time, a time when the energies accelerate, and we walk through a doorway into new energies.
These energies coincide with the beginning of three eclipses that will happen from now until the end of September.2016 is a year of completion, purification, and awakening. Many people on this planet are awakening, and we are experiencing mixed energies unlike anything before. 808 marks the beginning of an acceleration in these energies.
It is a window into ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE.    It’s a time to go within, to set new intentions, and to pray for world peace.   This marks a time of new beginnings, after the acceleration of purifying old energies now comes a season of re-birthing new ideas. 8 is the number of infinity. A time of no beginning and no end. The power of 8 reminds us that we are infinite beings, living in an infinite universe. The possibilities are endless, vast, and wide. This Lion’s Gate, we are blessed with the power of 808 or 8X8. This is infinity times two. This Lion’s Gate appears to be the balancing of opposition, and/or the coming home within reminding us of our infinite nature. As with all things, this will have a unique meaning for each of you, and the invitation is to go within and ask what this means for you and your life.  Imagine if you truly lived, breathed, and walked in your infinity. What decisions would you make? If you truly knew and acted as the Infinite Being you are, what would change in your life?  How would you treat those you love? What would you tell others about the meaning of life?
The invitation for this 808 is to open your mind and heart to all the possibilities. To open to the infinite waves of LOVE within your being and your infinite heart. Detach from the outside news, fear, restlessness, and heart ache for a few moments, and open now to the waves of love and grace blessing your life.   What are you most grateful for in this moment? What is your Greatest Wish for yourself and the world?   808 is a reminder to take time out of the “regular programming” and enter into the heart space of your infinite heart. To boldly love yourself today, to allow yourself the privilege to be sovereign from all of the world problems that are contracting your Spirit. We are experiencing energies on this planet that are battling to no end. There are many layers, dimensions, and perceptions of what is going on. The truth is that we cannot change anything or anyone, the only thing we can change is ourselves.
The way we look at the world, each other, our communities, and our lives. We can change our perceptions, our lacks, and our hate, simply by going within ourselves and loving all that is.Energetically 808 is the official start to our Eclipse season where things that have been previously hidden are now becoming unearthed or unraveled. These are amazing, scary, and awesomely crazy times to live in and within.   The call is to awaken fully to your light and live from your heart. Like the Phoenix you can now be re-born into the authenticity of your Spirit. Imagine a planet of people living authentically from the heart? This is what the Lion’s Gate is asking us to trust in. The nature of humanity is good. When you put people in the worst conditions of poverty, violence, and war, the good within rises time and time again. This is a true testament that each person is inherently good.
We must know and trust this inherently goodness as we walk courageously from the heart.I invite you to join me in a moment of prayer and silence wherever you are at 8:08 AM OR PM today.   To send a prayer and intention for world peace and the awakening of our Planet. We are heading into powerful times of things coming undone, to become done once again. The asking is to hold your vibration high, keep on your mission, spread your light, and dream big. This is just the beginning of the re-birth.Happy 808, however, whenever, and whichever way you find this message, may you be blessed with the knowing that anything and everything is possible.
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu May All Beings Be Happy and Free
Until we meet again,Love and Blessings,
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