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One Day She Just Let Go

This post is dedicated to the sisters who one day decided to–let go. The sisters who let go of judgment, pride, jealousy, competition, and greed. The ones who stepped into an unknown path, the path of the heart. The path of mystery, boldly going into the places and spaces of Great Mystery and even chaos.

The champions who decided they would no longer live in fear, and chose the path of love.

As the sisterhood, begins her healing process across the globe, women are reclaiming their power, coming together to sit in the sacred way, and releasing the old energies that have divided us as sisters.

It all begins with letting go. Surrendering to the will of the heart, being open to the call of the spirit, and removing the layers covering the heart.

As we women step fully into our power, true balance will be restored. When women unite, change happens. For when women come together, villages heal, suffering melts, love rises, and all are provided for.

Restoring and honoring our humanity is rising the Divine Feminine within all beings–women specifically– this is the key to world peace. To be Feminine is to be loving. It is not about gender or identity.

It’s in the ability to live from the heart and take the first step in courage and say:

“Today I choose to let go and never look back. I’m moving forward into the Great Mystery.”

This is a movement rising that is restoring what has been covered in an overly masculine world. It is a call to rediscover softness, grace, serenity, and the courage to be vulnerable.

It is the call to return to kindness, compassion, and living a control-free life. To be your own “boss” and be a kind loving one who moves with inspiration and power.

Cheers to all those embodying the Divine Feminine you are making the world great. You are leading the way❤️

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