Plump, drops of rain drum on my window.
Gentle taps of drops from heaven call me into its arms, beckoning me into the unknown.
The wind carries a message from the moon.
Evening is gone, the earth is still, and the door to a new realm begins to open.


Silent and still; time becomes darkness.


Sweet rain calls my dreams—luring me into limbo.
I step into the sacred space, between life and death.


A place of uncertainty filled with possibility.


I await my destination; the warm blanket of sleep draws me close holding me tight.
The smell of wet dirt and leaves—draws me near.
My eyes shut, and I am gone.
My third eye awakens and dreams call me gently.


The window pane crackles, the thunder rumbles, and I lay here sleeping.
The rain sings, I hear it softly, sweetly, and with un-perished hopes,
I sleep.
I am soaked in imagination.
Vivid images possess my emotions.
Stirring my mind and intoxicating my soul.


Am I asleep, or awake?
I cannot tell.


What is dreaming?

Can a mortal know?


I long to know the unknown,
But only the keeper can know the great mystery.


Written by Song Bird Grand Mother 2008

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