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Are you Ready for a New Beginning?

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to a new month! We begin this month with a new moon, new energy, and new winds. We are now in the time of Scorpio. Death, transformation, and deep connections are at hand.

This is a powerful time to choose a new course, set a new direction, and call in all your power.

During the last few days of October, the “veils” between dimensions, worlds, universes, what ever you wish to call it is very thin. In South America, the tradition of “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) reminds us of the ever changing and moving cycles of life. It is a day dedicated to the honoring of all those who we now call ancestors. In North America we celebrate Halloween. A day to celebrate, dress up, and knock on our neighbors doors and ask for something sweet. Regardless of how we spend this time, it is in many ways a turning point. It is what I call an “Access Point.” A place when used spiritually can usher us into a time of wisdom and understanding. When we stand still and listen to the voices of the past, celebrate the traditions, and allow the”wise ancestors” to speak to us they can help us go forward on our path of greatness.

In the West, the tradition of “ancestor worship” is rarely talked about or acknowledged. It isn’t considered important or worthy, some may even say it is paganism and condemn it. In the East it is as natural as lighting a candle. There are specific days dedicated to celebrating death anniversaries and building altars to remember those who have came before us. The ancestors offer us great strength, love, and protection. Just taking a moment to thank the spirit within yourself, and those who came before opens the doors to communication, assistance, and great relief.

Why should we talk to our ancestors and celebrate their time on this Earth?

Because in short we are our ancestors greatest legacy. We exist because they survived. They survived massive and brutal weather patterns, storms, raids, genocide, and even traveled great distances for us to be here right now. To acknowledge their lives is to acknowledge our greatness. The power of our DNA to survive all the storms, challenges, and waves that this life offers. They gift us wisdom for how to live a good life, and strength in times of difficulty. To take time to understand their journey, gives us time for to understand and walk our own.

During this powerful time of new beginnings, the invitation is to spend some time in quiet reflection thanking all those who have come before you and all those who will come after. This life is a great gift, and as we as a world community go through the next decade of this journey we will be building many great things, while tearing many old things down. We are embarking on the time when the Rooster starts calling– the fire of this year is transforming from the intellectual and sneaky Monkey– to the WAKE UP call of the Rooster who relentlessly calls all day. In the months ahead, we are about to experience a massive Wake Up call leading us into the next waves of our evolution, and it’s a grand doorway for those choosing to make the most of it.

For those reading this, your turning point is now coming full circle. You may start to notice things coming and going from your life. Thoughts begin to manifest much quicker and deeper, and all that you hold deep in your heart is coming to meet you with Divine circumstance. You have worked long and hard for all that you will see occur within the next few months. Be diligent in following the signs of the Universe, and wherever you go allow synchronicity to be your guide. Be like the master Quan Yin, riding her dragon holding the light of eternity in her heart for all to partake of. This is a message reminding you to “own your greatness, and go forward now knowing you are gracefully protected and loved.”

As we move forward into this month of November, “be the change you wish to see in yourself and spread it to all those ready to hear your message and share your light. For the world is in dire need of more light and love. The genuine kind. The kind that radiates from a pure heart.

For those reading these words you are ready to walk into a new doorway. Shut the old door, connect with those who walked before, and gather your strength to shine and shine. The ancestors are fully supporting you if you listen you shall see their messages and signs everywhere. Call on your power and it will lead you to all the new doorways waiting for your arrival.

Whatever your tradition, faith, or belief it is possible to connect to the wisdom within. Wherever that wisdom comes from it comes from an ancient place beyond human comprehension. I call this the ancestors, but you may choose another name. The title and name matter not, it’s about evoking your inner wisdom.

The wisdom in your heart comes from many footsteps walked and is your truth. The reminder for this time is to listen to your truth. You will know the truth because it resonates in your heart, feels good in your body, and shapes your reality in positive ways. You will know your off your truth when stress, anger, resentment, and other poisons rule your life. During this month of fire and deep connection, it’s a good reminder to go deeper. Beyond all the superficial and insignificant there is a place of reason, completeness, wholeness, and the way forward.

Welcome to the new beginning you’ve been waiting for. I look forward to hearing about and witnessing the great light within emerging as we stand together remembering who we are.
Cheers to the new!

Until we meet again

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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