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Stop the Change Treadmill

What is change? We hear this word all the time. “Change your thinking and…” “Change your diet and…” “Change…to get…” In our modern day and age, “change” is a broad, ambitious word, that says a lot without saying anything. It comes and goes with the seasons,  and is a great buzz word we use to excite the senses. But, the question remains, what is change? How does one “Change” something? Change without direction and purpose is a treadmill. It’s moving, but it’s moving to nowhere. You know you want to change, but unless your ready for transformation, change will not get you far.

Change can be the beginning in a journey of transformation. It’s like a warning sign that indicates there is dissatisfaction in the air. What you do with that dissatisfaction is up to you:

  1. You can decide to use “change” to undergo transformation
  2. You can moan, groan, and say you will “change” things later…(the treadmill)

Change is a certainty in life. It is the nature of life itself. No one born on this planet will stay the same. This is impossible. We are born as babies, and will change many, many, many times throughout the course of life. How do we do this? We don’t. Change is natural. It’s like asking, “how does the river flow?” It just does. The problem with the word and energy of “Change” is that it’s a big empty word like “ocean” or “time” it has little to no meaning unless we specify what we want to change. When we say, “I want to change my life.” This is implying there is something “Wrong” or there is an unhappiness. It is usually the first step pointing that there is a disconnect with where we are in life–and where we would like to be. It’s a realization that there could be more to life than what’s showing up. It’s like the caterpillar saying, “I want to change my life.” The caterpillar has a desire to change, but it’s not until it goes through the process of transformation that it truly shifts. It has to be willing to surrender everything it knows to becomes everything it doesn’t know. To become the butterfly, requires a complete shift mind, body, and spirit. It requires a commitment to Self unlike anything it has ever known. It involves complete trust in the Great Mystery and the intuition within.

Change can become a catalyst to transformation, but change alone cannot ignite transformation. It can fuel the fire, and be a stepping stone, but change in and of itself cannot propel big metamorphosis– until we go through the process of transformation. This is the nature of alchemy, shape-shifting, and molding that the ancestors knew and practiced. We too can remember this process and use it to bring to this reality.

However, change alone doesn’t change anything until we become in alignment with the butterfly within us waiting to be birthed. One way to think about it is:

Change indicates small life movements and Transformation represents big life movements.

For example, “I don’t like what I’m wearing, I’m going to change my outfit.” This is an example of what change is. I don’t like something small like my outfit, so I change it. This requires little energy and produces enough of an energy shift to satisfy the dissatisfaction in the moment. Transformation on the other hand is, “I’m not happy with my weight, so I’m going to lose or gain weight.” Losing/gaining weight requires more than change. It requires transformation. A complete reconfiguration of diet, exercise, and lifestyle is required to shift the physical.  It requires a shift in thinking, feeling, and acting. Transformation requires a shift on all levels. Think about what it takes for a caterpillar to become a butterfly. A complete and total make-over.

Change requires minimal effort and produces minimum results.

Transformation requires total commitment and produces phenomenal results.

Are you ready for transformation?

If so, continue reading…

Below I have outlined a 4 step process to produce transformation. This is meant to give you a process to initiate transformation in your life.

Step 1: Get CLEAR with your Desire

The first step to transformation is getting clear.

What do you desire in your life right here and right now. And, yes everything can be an answer, but it’s like the word “change” it will eventually lead you to a big hole of nothing. For this exercise, think specific, clear, and focus.

Where are you now? Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Financially, and overall?
What do you wish/desire was different in those areas?
What are the challenges you have faced before and/or currently that stand in your way?

What is the ACTION needed to clear those challenges?

Get really honest and look at the reality of where you are. This is the first step in knowing and acknowledging your openness to transformation.

Once you get clear and honest about where you currently are,

Step 2: Where are you going? Visualize the new you in 6 months.

Next get clear and honest with where you are going?

In Six Months, where do you see yourself Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Financially, and overall?

What challenges did you overcome to get to this place?

What are the rewards you are experiencing?


The biggest question: What is the ACTION/COMMITMENT needed to get you from where you are to where you want to be in 6 months?

What is the driving force that will transform your in-action to action?

Action is the hand of transformation. Nothing transforms unless we put intentional action towards it. As they say, “Faith without action is dead.” For it’s nice to have “dreams” but it’s even better to live your dreams.

Step 4: Put it all Together

Time to put the steps together. Develop a coherent statement that is very precise, concise, and specific to put the steps together.

“Where I am now, Where I see myself in 6 months, the challenge I overcame,  the rewards, and the ACTION/COMMITMENT taken to achieve this”

Example of what this looks like: “I would like to double my income.” Currently, I work this many hours at an office job I do not like.” In six months time, “I see myself thriving in my own business serving the greater good.” The challenge I overcame was finding the time to work on my business everyday. The rewards are, “feeling joy and passion doing a job I love.” The ACTION/COMMITMENT I took, “was to set aside 3 hours a day everyday to work on my business with no excuses.”


The more specific and clear you can get with putting this together, the clearer it will be and become. The biggest step is actually doing the work to make the transformation  happen. As you put intention and action towards your vision, everything you need will show up and magic begins to happen.

Using this exercise you can apply it forward into anything you are willing to transform in your life. This is just a stepping stone to get your thinking transformation versus change. Transform your life and you shall see rewards.

The biggest question is: Are you ready, willing, and able to TRANSFORM these areas in your life? If so, you will become the butterfly flying to your next destination.

Cheers to the new coming!

If you would like to boost your transformation, and make a commitment going forward, please join me at: where I offer services, classes, and retreats all designed to transform your life.

Love, blessings, and transformation,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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