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The deeper you travel into the well of who you are, you come to an intersection.


When looking at all the directions of life, there is one direction, most are avoiding.


What is that direction?


Within. The place deep within yourself that knows all, sees all, and is ALL.


Why do most people avoid this direction?


It requires silence, sitting still, going past the darkness, and light, and into no-thing.

That space where there is nothing.


Sometimes it takes years of meditation, stillness, and self-discovery to reach this space.


It requires cutting all the noise, distractions, and “busyness” of the mind to reach this point.


It is a direction when fully embodied leads to balance and wholeness.


When your attention is “split” into many directions, and you’re going South to go North, and burning “many fires,” there is no “within.” There is only “out there.”

“Out there,” will never lead you to “in here.”


“Out there,” is all the distractions of “fun,” momentary “highs,” that keep your mind distracted, and lead to highs and lows.


It’s the seeking of something grander outside of yourself. The adventures that lead to more adventures, that never truly fulfill. The weekend getaways that refuel temporarily, the retreats that leave you high to go back to low. The endless trappings of a noisy world. The concerts, the partying, the addictions, and all the whirlwinds of fancy that go in circles.


Not to say, those “adventures,” aren’t fun, and worthy of pursuing. But, the bigger, grander, and most awesome adventure of a lifetime is within the essence of who you are.


The depth of wisdom, knowledge, and love that is contained within your soul is beyond any outside adventure. When you tap into the depth of who you are, then all else fades. When you do go on adventures they are meaningful, loving, kind, and deep. You meet others on your journey who fill you on a soul level and support you from a place of deep love.


This is a place of wholeness and balance. For when we are not in “wholeness” and “balance,” we attract everything that is “out of balance,” to bring us back to the truth of who we are.


Instead of pursuing things that are of fantasy or daydreams, balance brings us back into truth. We no longer pursue flights of fancy, but instead, we ground into Mother Earth. We begin to make decisions that are in tune with the depth of who we are.


Through this process, many things will come and go. Possessions, people, ideas, jobs, relationships, all shift.


The beauty of change is that what is left remaining is truly from the soul.


What remains is beautiful aspects of who you are, and wholeness begins to embody your everyday life.


When we no longer focus on the people, things, and ideas that are out of alignment with the depth of who we are; we open space for all the aspects that complete us.

The relationships that fulfill us.

The objects that enhance us.

Work that is fills us, not deplete us.

Instead of drama, or dips of polarity, we focus on solutions and no longer allow the waves to knock us over.


Wholeness requires daily dedication, good habits, a balanced mind, and a healthy body.


It is self-love to it’s highest degree; and a decree that we are worthy, of all the love this world is here to gift us.


It is not a journey for the weak.

It is only pursued by the courageous.

And, it is a great honor for all those who know you,


For when one dares to truly embody their “wholeness” it vibrates out into the world, and ripples to all who come into contact.

Some will feel uncomfortable. Others will immediately “hate” that vibration, and others will try to vampire and exploit it.


No matter the reaction, when you encounter the vibration of “wholeness” and balance, you are forever changed.


When one steps into their wholeness, the world shifts one beat at a time.


Time for the shifting winds of wholeness.


Who is ready for the shift to completeness?


The door is now open.


Love and Wholeness,


Song Bird Grand Mother



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