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Beauty Within–Beauty Without

Hello Brother’s and Sisters,

As we ignite the fires of passions and reclaim our power, the reminder this week is to honor the beauty in your life.
When was the last time you took time to honor your beauty?
The beauty that is in your blood and bones.
The  vitality that makes this world precious and sacred.
The beauty that exists in the wisdom of a wrinkled face,
The timeless evolution of budding roses,
The Cosmic stars beaming in a darkened night sky.Beauty is a gift when truly appreciated for it exists in everything and everyone.
Even when life is horrible, it is beautiful.
Even when life is tragic it is beautiful.

This is true beauty.

This is your birthright,
It exists for everyone,
Only requires an open heart to see the Mystery and Wonder that it holds.

This week the reminder is to remember the sacred teaching of Beauty.

It exists in all things, all creatures, all people, and all directions. There is an eternal and transcendental beauty that lies in the sacred dwelling of your heart. And, when fully activated, this beauty reaches across space and time, and reminds us that we are perfect as we are.
Dine (Navajo) Closing Prayer Blessing

In beauty I walk
With beauty before me I walk
With beauty behind me I walk
With beauty above me I walk
With beauty around me I walk
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again
It has become beauty again

Hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shitsijí’ hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shikéédéé hózhóogo naasháa doo
Shideigi hózhóogo naasháa doo
T’áá altso shinaagóó hózhóogo naasháa doo
Hózhó náhásdlíí’
Hózhó náhásdlíí’
Hózhó náhásdlíí’
Hózhó náhásdlíí’

May the beauty in you touch the beauty in all, and remind person you touch of their own Divinity and Grace.
Until we meet again,
In love and gratitude,
Song Bird Grand Mother

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