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Breaking Con-Trol

It’s time to break her shell.

That old demon, the witch inside.

The one who holds on for that’s all she knows.

She lives in everyone. Young and old.

She is entrenched in everything.

Comfortable like an old shoe.


This shoe is falling.

Let her fall.

One shoe,

Then the other.

There she goes. 



Admist technology monitoring our every heart beat,

Phones that addict and allure.

Camera’s documenting our every move.

Schedules, business, and the busy mind.

Con-Trol is breaking.

Can you feel her call?

To set your inner child free.

That little one deep inside.



Heal the broken parts.

The trauma’s you hold deep inside.


Breaking Con-Trol is what this time is about.

As the world squeezes more control into your programming.

Take time out, and break out of the box.


Going forward the next decades.


Freedom is your goal.


Freedom from want,

Freedom from need.

Freedom from desires,

Freedom from trauma.


Going from the “I” to the “We,” 

Requires this freedom of mind.



The return of ONENESS that’s the new call.

To live in harmony as we did before.

Beyond the fields of lack, and into the lands of good and plenty.

We shall return.



The heart is activating like never before.

Awaken the deep one who lives deep in your bones.

This is home.

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