Clearing Ancestral Wounds Ceremony

Join us for my last ceremony in Colorado for the summer, where we will go deeper into the ancestral healing of repetitive patterns. Learn about the 9 underworlds that are inherited from your ancestors, ways to extract negative influences in your aura, learn exercises to strengthen your spiritual power, and invite messages from your ancestors Read more about Clearing Ancestral Wounds Ceremony[…]

Ignite the Thunder-Full Moon Ceremony

Are you ready to OWN your power? Join us for this full moon where we mark the end of this Transcendental month, by shedding old beliefs, stepping into courage, and opening the door to new beginnings. Come take a break and go within for clarity, strength, and new beginnings. We will do rituals to transform Read more about Ignite the Thunder-Full Moon Ceremony[…]

Connect to your Roots-New Moon Ceremony

For this New Moon we will go deeper into the roots of who you are. We will discuss the ancient teachings around repetitive patterns that cause suffering and do rituals to identify, cleanse, release, those patterns that repeat. We will do a shamanic journey to empower your spiritual powers, so you will walk away with Read more about Connect to your Roots-New Moon Ceremony[…]

Summer Solstice Ceremony-Lakewood Colorado

This Solstice ceremony we will turn the page and come together for healing, community, and activating inner and outer wealth in these changing times. Come and release your burdens, and get clarity on the way forward. In this ceremony, we will transform the burdens of suffering, and honor the cyclical turning to welcome in the Read more about Summer Solstice Ceremony-Lakewood Colorado[…]

Mercury Retrograde

A lot of people fear “Mercury Retrograde” but this is the perfect time to manifest. Remove the blockages, allow whatever is amplified, broken, or delayed to show you what is blocking and/or clearing out of your life. I have found that during these times of “Retrograde,” profound growth, wisdom, and understanding emerges. And, after the Read more about Mercury Retrograde[…]

Chinese New Year Ancestral Healing Virtual Ceremony

Join us for this annual ceremony to celebrate and honor the lunar calendar also known as the “Chinese New Year,” where the spiritual world is wide open for us to receive ancestral healing, messages, and blessings for the year. For this ceremony we will cover: *How to build your ancestral altar *How to work with Read more about Chinese New Year Ancestral Healing Virtual Ceremony[…]

2021 The Beginning is Near

Welcome, Here we go into the next chapter, the next evolution, the next frontier of humanity and global shifts and changes. 2020 was an incredible year of re-invention, re-evaluation, awakening, grief, sorrow, happiness, joy, excitement, and of course CHANGE. Depending on your “program,” and what “dials” you subscribe too, 2020 was a mixed bag of Read more about 2021 The Beginning is Near[…]